The Perfect Wife

Brent believes he has the perfect new wife, but a buddy's gag gift may change her into something even better.



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Brent and Emily are newlyweds, fresh from the honeymoon. Ordinarily this would mean Brent is more content than ever, however after a talk with his buddy, he has just the slightest idea that he loves Emily for a lot more than the bedroom behavior. Emily is a conservative girl, an intelligent woman, and one ruled by motivations and equality. His old college buddy can’t understand it, and has even sent a gag gift to show just how much the idea of the perfect wife has changed in 60 years or so.

Perfect Wife Powder is a silly idea, and as far as gags go, Brent has to laugh. The cartoonishly enhanced model of a 50s housewife is nothing short of wrong and yet he does enjoy the brief thought of Emily that way. His enjoyment of the gag is cut short as is his phone conversation with his old buddy as Emily comes home, and while she remains as independent as ever, her surprise for him is that she intends to take a shot at making her new husband his favorite meal.

Leaving for work, Brent wonders just how much success Emily will have in the kitchen. And she does too. But what will happen to change the recipe when a series of accidents lead Emily to including Perfect Wife Powder in the meal? Needless to say, much more than their dinner will be heating up, and Emily will be getting full before dinner is even served.

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