The Price of Popularity STORY


Ariana Jacobs has always been the smart girl, the one who while pretty in a basic way was never given a second look and certainly not in the general range of popular. She was frustrated as she became a senior and that frustration was keeping her up at night.

Even her Bimbo Bear wasn’t helping her sleep. She realized a girl her age still holding onto a childish toy like the Bimbo Bear was probably beneath her maturity but it had always helped. The silly stories about Bimbo Bears offering a child their most desired sleeping wish never was taken seriously, but thanks to her tossing and turning and worries about the popular girls in school, Ariana is going to sleep well and have a day like none over in school.

Maybe becoming a complete bimbo and slut wasn’t exactly how Ariana would have chosen to become popular, but as the school day goes on, it simply seems as though things have always been that way. She was always dimwitted. She was always a flirt and a slut. And she was definitely always stacked more than any girl in school.

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