The Spirit of Leimira

A necklace containing the spirit of priestess changes a college girl's life forever.


Nearly two hundred years ago, the Kebra tribe of the South Pacific was devastated by disease. Their Priestess, Leimira, sealed away her spirit inside of a sacred necklace so that she could be resurrected at a later date. In the modern day, the necklace finds itself in the possession of Alexis Grant, a college sophomore, who soon finds herself possessed by the very passionate and very sexually eager Leimira. In order for Leimira to have her own body again, however, she needs lesbian sex, and lots of it, and she isn’t afraid to rush things along a little.

Official Publisher's Review

This is easily the longest story by this author to date, and feels a bit more complete, with the major protagonists portrayed convincingly. The vast majority of the cast is female, but this isn’t a problem, as many of them go through a physical change or two before the story finishes. And while it finishes, it leaves the door open for future stories, should the author find himself with ideas for them.

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