With These Rings

One girl, two rings and a full story that puts in check the decisions to be made. Find out what else it has to offer


In the heart of this tale lies a solitary girl, in possession of two enigmatic rings. The narrative unfurls as a captivating journey of choices and consequences, urging readers to delve into the intricate web of decisions that shape her destiny. As the story unfolds, unexpected twists and revelations emerge, offering a rich tapestry of emotions, challenges, and hidden treasures that await discovery.

Official Publisher's Review

In this captivating tale, a single girl discovers herself in possession of two mysterious rings, each symbolizing divergent paths in her life. As she grapples with the weight of decisions before her, the rings become a powerful metaphor for choices and consequences. Beyond the surface, the story unfolds into a rich narrative, exploring the intricate interplay between destiny, chance, and the unexpected opportunities that lie within.

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