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A Life Of Her Own COMIC


Marco has an active fantasy life. Perhaps too active. He imagines himself the perfect concubine — a big-boobed redhead name “Red” (Marco’s not the most original guy). In his dreams, Marco and Red have a wild sex life where good taste, anatomy and the laws of physics and passionately ignored, mainly to accommodate Red’s impossible proportions.

Unfortunately for Marco, Red is so fully fleshed out — in every sense of the word — that she assumes that she can leave the world of Marco’s imagination and become a real woman. As Marco pursues her, Red uses her most ample asset to her advantage in a chase scene that will leave you breathless.


A strong debut from writer Mase Corgan, “A Life of Her Own” is an imaginative tale that mixes the surreal with the erotic. Our hero, Marco, has a thing for busty redheads, and has concocted a fantasy girl for his daydreams whom he unimaginatively names “Red.” In real life, Marco is a nerdy schlub, but in his imagination, he and Red have a wild sex life that fits perfectly into BESC’s canon.

The twist is that Red plots to escape from Marco’s mind to become a real woman, and how Red actually does attempt her escape will leave any big breast lover speechless. Whether or not her plan succeeds depends on your interpretation of a very strange ending.

What’s remarkable is how much sex and big boob action action is packed into ten pages along with such a complex tale. The psychedelic art style compliments the wild story perfectly. Let’s hope we see more from Corgan in the future.


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