Artemis Club: The Bountiful Gardens Affair

Extraordinary gentlewomen in Europe of the 1870


Only the most extraordinary gentlewomen in Europe of the 1870’s are invited to join the Artemis Club. Whether the mystery involves steam, science or sorcery, these Lady Adventurers are up to the occasion. In the Bountiful Gardens Affair, Scotland Yard calls on the adventurers to do what they cannot: infiltrate a Ladies’ Sports Club that dabbles in naturism. Why are the members of Bountiful Gardens all so bosomy? What scheme is the nefarious Dr. Hentia hiding there?

Official Publisher's Review

Laelia returns, this time with a steampunk tale. As always, Laelia’s female characters prove that women can be both capable and sensual. In this tale, we meet four extraordinary gentlewomen. Part 1 includes another feature typical of Laelia’s stories, an innovative BE scene. The adventurers need to enlarge themselves to infiltrate among busty women. The readers will enjoy watching the team’s sorceress model this transformation in order to use her sympathetic magic.

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