Life Mutated

Max discovers an experimental lab of marine animals. After coming face to face with a squid she is “transformed” forever.


Max, a high school senior, is a little lost in life, so her mom drags her with her to work one day. She quickly grows bored however and wanders off, exploring the building. As she thinks about her life and all the pressure she is currently under, she discovers a heavily secured door that’s been left somewhat open. She ventures further into the restricted lab and finds herself surrounded by various tanks, each one housing a different mutated sea creature. She’s amazed by what she sees and eventually comes across a beautiful squid-looking animal. The squid surprisingly sprays her in the face with its ink, and before Max has time to even react she begins to mutate and transform. At first it’s a painful experience, Max growing taller and more muscular, ripping aggressively out of her clothing, but eventually things turn more pleasurable and erotic for her. In the end, she’s left a hulking blue sex goddess with hyper proportions, furiously pleasuring herself before being awkwardly rediscovered by her mother while in the midst of orgasm.

Official Publisher's Review

Max is a senior in high school who hasn’t quite figured out her future yet. In an attempt to help her daughter, Max’s mother, an experimental bioengineer, decides to take action and drag Betty to work with her one Sunday morning. Max has always had a reputation for being difficult, not having the greatest relationship with her mom over the years, and things prove no differently as Max only exasperates things and eventually wanders off in a stubborn sulk. She wanders the hallways of the facility and stumbled upon a strange lab, accidentally left open, full of mutated sea life inside aquariums. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she explores the lab further, coming across a beautiful squid-looking animal. The squid doesn’t take kindly to her though and surprisingly sprays her with its ink! Disgusted, Max tries to wipe the ink off of her and quickly learns just what effects it has on her. Before her very eyes, max begins to mutate and transform, growing taller and more muscular with each passing second. She becomes outright strange, her skin turning blue and her hair into a writhing mass of tentacles. She becomes lost in its lustful euphoric effects and grows increasingly lost in the experience of it all, changing forever. To say the least, it’s certainly a new turning point for Max.

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