Boss Bitch: Queen of the Neighborhood

The arm bands from Boss Bitch are out for delivery. They're encouraging some 'friendly' competition in the neighborhood.


Genie is your typical type-A mother living in suburbia, her husband Mark is sometimes too laid back for his own good (or so she thinks). Genie is a workout junkie but has been having trouble putting on any muscle tone given her fast metabolism.

When she hears about a great new armband that can get you everything you desire, she jumps at the chance–and is not disappointed by the swelling results. Soon she’s uncovering desires she didn’t even realize she had, and with her new size comes a new hunger.

Official Publisher's Review

Boss Bitch shifts focus from office drama to suburban-momma-drama (the sexiest kind right?). Genie shifts from a domineering and humiliating house-wife, to a pleading sex kitten as the affects of the arm band take hold. This comic has some great scenes of breast expansion, mini-giantess growth, gentle (horny) giantess Milfs, and size comparisons, as well as some muscle growth. It is a great next chapter for this series, and it’s clear the ride is just getting started! If you enjoy it, be sure to like and comment!

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  1. Nice chapter, Genie is the best, I want her really thick and huge and the biggest always, she is the best Mom.
    Genie should help all the moms in the neighborhood growing huge, also girls shouldn’t get big as moms or reach them never, only moms should be the queens, thanks for the great works 😉

  2. No offense to the author Blue but Chapter 4 of Boss Bitch and Chapter 7 of Milf Milk were pretty off the mark I felt. Boss Bitch 4 kicks off with a giant orgy that may as well have been two random characters from a new story. Nothing to do with where things were at the end of last issue. I know this isn’t high art but c’mon. Then it just stays an orgy all the way through. Boring as hell. Milf Milk has two no-name characters actually saying “Turn us into bimbos”. Isn’t there a whole bimbo line of comics? Why are the streams crossing in that series? There aren’t any pages to waste in these things so it’d be great if they’d stick to the stuff and the characters that matter.

    If these two issues knocked folks socks off more power to em. Not knocking anybody’s taste or talent. Just not what I was expecting.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m just venting because these last two purchases weren’t very satisfying. I hope everyone has a great 2023 and I will definitely be back. Just need to screen the comics a little more before I buy.

    Also, while I’m here I’ll throw out a complaint about the buying process as well. Can we not get PayPal going or something that doesn’t require me to put my CC info in every time? CCbill refuses to remember it.

    Ok. I’m done now.

    1. Hello randomizetheplot!

      Thanks for your feedback on these two chapters. In this 2023 we will be ending many series that are still open, but I’m sure you will find many that you will like!

      We’re trying to open up the genre horizons to include some of the general interests of the site, as well as allowing writers to express stories in other ways. But don’t worry, many stories will still be focused on one genre!

      Regarding PayPal/CCBill, I suggest you submit a ticket from your Dashboard to discuss this situation formally.

      Hope you have a great 2023 and that the next stories delight you 🎇!

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