Huge Influencer

A new trend sweeps the social media landscape: Huge Influencers. Some might call Marie a wallflower, but when she gets a mysterious text it becomes increasingly difficult to hide anywhere.


We’ve all had those nights. The nights where social media reminds us of all the crazy things we shouldn’t have done. Well Marie has a problem. Her social media is reminder her in a huge way. Over the course of an evening she goes from wallflower to wall crasher, and the more attention she gets the bigger her problems– or not. Being a big deal has its perks.

Official Publisher's Review

Part 1 of a series of tangentially connected stories about the power of a new social media platform– L!fe– to change people’s perspective. Story continues leg, ass, breast, and a bit of muscle growth. No sex in this chapter but plenty of sensual fun and a bit of humiliation and shrinking. The stories ramping up, pieces put in place, and the fun is just beginning.

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