Snowed In

A group of horny college students reuniting at a mountain getaway find themselves expanded, stalked, and snowed in!


Snowed In is the story of a group of college students expecting to have a fun reunion with their friends from high school. Chenoa’s family owns a snow lodge, and they have the place to themselves for the weekend! Their sexy hijinks are interrupted by a power outage caused by a powerful snowstorm, and as soon as the guys leave to search for a solution, the girls find themselves with some big problems of their own!

Official Publisher's Review

Borrowing a classic setting and tropes from classic slasher movies, xCuervos brings us the story of some sexy co-eds on a weekend vacation. Just like a horror movie, this first issue introduces us to the characters and hints at bigger problems to come. With well-rounded characters and a compelling story, we’re looking forward to seeing where Snowed In is headed!

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