Dark Summoning – Raising Hell

When a group of naive sorority sisters accidentally summon a BDSM fairy they find themselves in over their heads.


Ella, Zoe, and Kendra are college roommates, known for getting in trouble. Their superior, Mother Nikki, has had it up to *here* with them. But that doesn’t dissuade them from continuing in their antics. After Kendra gets her hands on an old Grimoire, filled with unknown power, the three sorority girls decide to try and summon a Fiboob Faeriefl to grace them all with bigger chests. But there’s a problem – not having any of the proper ingredients for the conjuring spell they decide to use flimsy replacements, and in their ignorance bring forth an entirely different kind of faerie than they were expecting.

As Mother Nikki catches them at the last minute, berating them, Kendra finishes the spell and summons Maurelle, the BDSM fairy and she’s none too friendly. Throughout the progression of the night, each woman (including Mother Nikki) will find herself in need of fidisciplinefl and ficorrection, forever changed by the dark magic of the faerie.

Official Publisher's Review

In the mood for something a little different and devious? Perhaps a dark tale of transformation and punishment is what you’re after? If so, then don’t be shy– In this twisted first issue of Dark Summoning, dive into a tale full of sex, corruption, and obedience!

Join three sorority sisters, Kendra, and the identical twins Ella and Zoe, as they accidentally summon a powerful and harsh fairy known as Maurelle. Also joining the girls, and none too happy with them, is their superior, Mother Nikki. Quickly discover just how in over their heads the women are as fistern correction is delivered upon them with no mercy. By the end of the night, none of these women will look or even feel the same, far removed from their original selves. It’s a story of aggression, passion, dominance, bondage, and enlightenment. From author DeLonge (Chloe’s Open House, Life Mutated, Captain Amour) comes a dark comic full of the most perverse and wonderful things to fisink your teeth into. Beware, reader – there are no safe words here.

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