Falling Stars, Falling Prices, Rising Passion

A falling star strikes the roof of the Passion Falls Mall and shoppers the following day find wishes coming true.



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Passion Falls is a small town with small town attractions, attractions like the town fair, the occasional sporting events, and of course the Passion Falls Mall. In a small town, the mall is where to go on the weekends, but on one Saturday, shoppers will find their trip to the most popular clothing store in the mall to be more than they bargained for.

Following a severe storm, on the night when an annual meteor shower is usually the talk of the town, no one notices the smoldering remnants of one falling star that managed to not just pass through the storm, but strike the power box on the roof of the Clothesline, a popular clothing store that usually draws in a crowd on weekends.

Fortunately only a sparse number of shoppers show up, a couple of high school senior girls, their favorite teacher, a married couple, no one out of the ordinary, But when through their common conversations they inadvertantly use the word ‘wish’, they all find their lives and bodies taking some very extraordinary turns and twists.

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