A Scratch Beneath The Surface

After getting scratched by a giant monster attacking the city, scientist Lynn Fujita eventually becomes the country's biggest hope.


When a giant monster comes out of the ocean and attacks New York City, the military does everything they can to take it down. Accomplishing that goal, scientists are sent out to study the corpse- Lynn Fujita and husband Ken are on that team. Unfortunately, the monster isn’t dead and while trying to get away, Lynn is scratched by the creature and infected by foreign bacteria. Instead of killing her as it has done to other infected people, it causes her to grow. After finding her way in the American wastelands she joins a group of survivors and after being taught how to fight by the dashing Ted, she is determined to stop the giant monsters before they completely wreck the country beyond repair.

Official Publisher's Review

The Giantess Club is pleased to bring you the third giantess comic from distinguished adult comic writer, TJ Hunter! In “A Scratch” we follow scientist Lynn Fujita who after scratched by a giant monster goes into a clinical death only to awaken a giantess. An action story with amazing fights, “A Scratch” is a pulse pounding story of determination and discovery. If you like post apocalyptic stories, MMA style fighting, and sexy giantess on giant monster brawling, “A Scratch” is the story for you!

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