Going Up

Christina is nervous about her job interview in a high rise. However, the elevator ride going up will change everything.


Christina has no idea what to think when she is called in for an interview at The Faith Corporation, a large investment company that has been in the news recently. She filled the online application out not ever considering she had anything they might be looking for. But now it seems, she’s on her way and everything seems to be going up.

Waiting for the elevator, Christina nervously surveys the others around her, feeling far out of place, looking merely like a small child in comparison to the corporate bigwigs and important looking people. However, once the elevator doors close and the space feels tight and confining, everything begins to go wrong.

Chemtec is an overseas, Eastern European company that is none too happy about recently being insulted and dropped by The Faith Corporation. Thanks to them, Christina is about to experience a whole new form of going up. And her fellow passengers, business executives and upstanding moral figures are about to find their values going equally down.

What will happen in the elevator? Will they make it out alive or will Christina bust through the corporate ceiling in whole new ways? Only the passengers on board can decide and they have very tough choices to make.

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