Human Resources

A big boob orgy breaks out in an office building and human resources rushes to get the requisite paperwork signed.


It’s a perfectly ordinary day at GeneriCo — voted most boring place to work — when unknown forces cause the female employees to grow giant breasts and each one of them is suddenly starved for sex. What results is an orgy in which almost every possible sexual desire is sated.

However, this comic isn’t about them. No, we follow Ms. Haberdasher, the milf-tastic head of human resources and her crusade to get everyone to sign a Consensual Sexual Relationship form before the fun begins. She becomes the unlikely hero of a story that mixes the erotic with the absurd. There’s also an element of suspense — will poor Ms. Haberdasher get in on the fun, or will her professional dedication rob her of that opportunity?

Helping Ms. H. is her new assistant Milton — new to human resources AND new to orgies. Milton did not expect his first day at work to go like this, and he is definitely not prepared for his boss’s unique method for silencing dissent.

If you like BE, MILFs, group sex and paperwork, you will love “Human Resources.”

Official Publisher's Review

Newcomer Mase Corgan is clearly trying to establish a reputation as the strangest writer at BE Story Club. “Human Resources” opens at a generic office building where suddenly all the woman grow huge boobs, and since BE comes with a burning lust, the women demand sex from the male co-workers and occasionally from each other. Note that Corgan never explains why this happens. Perhaps he’s saving that for the sequel that’s teased on the last page.

If this seems like a typical BE Story Club comic, you’re wrong. Instead of following the lusty office workers we follow the Human Resources Department and their crusade to get everyone to sign the necessary consent paperwork. If you don’t find this story erotic you will at least credit Corgan for originality.

HR Director Ms. Haberdasher, a solidly built, mature woman, rushes into the orgy, not to participate, but to make sure everyone signs a legal waiver, lest the sexual abandon lead to a lawsuit. The funny thing is, if an orgy did break out at a boring office building, this would be the first impulse of the HR department.

Haberdasher is allied with her new assistant Milton who must also abstain from having sex even though beautiful, busty women are throwing themselves at him. So, we follow this crazy erotic scene from the point of view of the two people too busy doing their job to have fun themselves.

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