My 50ft Lover

A rich woman's affair with her housekeeper gets even more complicated when she grows fifty feet tall


Allison is a rich housewife, Yvonne is her housekeeper, and the two are having an affair under the nose of Allison’s inattentive husband, Bill. In addition to the challenges of keeping their affair secret in the backdrop of conservative 1960s America, the situation takes a turn for the bizarre when Allison is irradiated by an alien probe, causing her to grow fifty feet tall, and allowing her to express her passion for Yvonne in ways that neither of them had ever thought possible.

Official Publisher's Review

Ever wondered what the original “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman” would have been like if Honey Parker had been having an affair with Nancy Archer instead of her husband? This comic provides the answer! The first Giantess Club comic written by frequent FMG writer BigDaveX starts out in a broadly similar way to its silver screen counterpart, but rapidly diverges from the source material and takes a direction that film-makers in the 1950s could never have dared to, showing its two leading ladies engaging in the type of sexual behavior that would have caused the Hays Office’s heads to explode, and depicting the giantess transformation in a rather more detailed manner than its off-screen counterpart from the film. After that, the two lovers explore their new situation, letting size be no bounds to their continued relationship, and hoping that it can take it to the next level.

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