Never Mess with Mother Nature

Mother Nature strikes back at humans for destroying forests, and her first targets are mothers and daughters visiting a mall.


Mother Nature has always protected the natural world, but humankind has become arrogant and materialistic, consumed by consumerism and the concrete jungles of shopping. With the opening of the new modern Redwood Mall, located where once some mighty redwood trees stood, Mother Nature is striking back. Her first targets are as irony would have it, mothers and daughters, particularly ones who seem to have conflicts solely based in the unnatural world of things.

Amelia and Kelly are at odds over a common separation between parents and children. Kelly has matured much in the last few years but her maturing has gone further than her mother could have predicted and now Amelia is trying to help her to realize that showing off as much flesh as possible is not the best way to be taken seriously. After a mysterious man named Murray Natchure meets them, they will find themselves no longer quite at odds and a very natural feeling will overtake them, along with some unnatural changes.

Mother Nature may use the disguise of Murray to have some fun, but the fun isnt over as a rather creamy dessert comes in the form of a college bound girl named Alison and her mother.

Thanks to Mother Nature, Alison learns how to squeeze the most out of life, in the most natural way possible. Revenge is sweet for Mother Nature, but for those at Redwood Mall, revenge might lean more towards the wicked than the sweet.

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