Slime Freak

Shauna, a freshman in college, has an unexpected cosmic visitor one night, made of slime, that changes her forever.


Shauna is hard at work with late-night studying. Unfortunately for her, a loud party is occurring in the common room of her dorm room, hosted by her roommate Anna. Wrapped around a man, Anna mistakenly bursts into Shauna’s room instead of her own but is too drunk to pay much credence to Shauna’s insistence for her and her partner to leave. In a fit of fury Shauna slams the door on everyone, pissed off at the world. She goes for a walk on the campus trail. As she thinks about herself and her life a meteorite crashes directly onto her, transforming her into Slime Freak, a being made purely of goo that is bent on protecting the innocent from sexual predators. Upon hearing cries for help, Slime Freak finds a drunken frat boy trying to rape a distraught woman and she intervenes. As the woman flees in panic, Slime Freak turns the tables on the frat boy, removing his clothes and entangling him in her tendrils of goo. Slowly, he is transformed into a bimbo, growing breasts, losing his manhood, and becoming a sex-starved slut. At the end of things, she leaves him there, covered in her cum and humiliated. The next morning Shauna is back to her normal appearance, but she is ready to answer the call whenever she is needed as Slime Freak.

Official Publisher's Review

Shauna is a freshman in college. A determined and hard-working student, she finds herself having a tough transitional period into the college lifestyle and things are only exacerbated by her roommate Anna, the social butterfly between the two of them. One night, after being fed up with Anna’s clashing lifestyle, Shauna takes a walk. As she thinks to herself about her life and where it’s going a meteorite crashes into her, and the mysterious sentient being inside of it transforms her into Slime Freak! Now made entirely of goo, Slime Freak is a force for good in a world of sexual deviance, and it is her duty to protect those in need of help, albeit in her own unique style of justice. This is proven on her first night among the people of planet earth. Discovering a drunken frat boy that is trying to have his way with a distraught woman, Slime Freak steps in to intervene. By the end of things, Shauna will not be the only one who has changed. The world has a new hero, predators beware.

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