Sociopathic Tendencies

James figures out how to make a bimbo potion and tries to keep from being caught.


When James agreed to help Catherine in exchange for her tutoring him through his computer programming course, he didn’t expect it would be to help her make a magical potion. The already amoral James didn’t care what the potion would do at first, even as Catherine tried to explain that it was an ancient potion described to make women more fertile. Catherine takes the potion, only to turn into a bimbo who then begs James to fuck her. After Catherine, now calling herself Kitty, passes out, James begins to study the grimoire. His mind begins to understand how the potion worked and he realizes how to modify it. Being only concerned about getting caught, James begins to modify the potion and makes plans to use it, realizing that, if he changes how a person interacts with the potion, he can get better results. He has Kitty call over Cindy so that he can test it, telling her that she wants to finally try yoga. Cindy arrives wearing yoga pants and a matching top. She’s surprised to find James there. Kitty tells Cindy about her new perfume then spritzes Cindy with it. This causes a small bit of growth and suggestiveness, which James takes advantage of, leading her to a couch and offering her a drink: the enhanced potion. Cindy then completes her change, calling herself Candy, and makes out with Kitty. Soon, a private investing, Denise looks into the disappearance and is brought into James’s growing harem.

Official Publisher's Review

The newest comic from Fahzbehn, this dark trip follows James as he uses an arcane tome to make potions which convert women into huge breasted bimbos, starting with Catherine, the potion’s creator. Unconcerned about anyone’s morality, James affects victim after victim, continuing with Cindy and then the detective, Denise. Will anyone be able to stop James and how far will he go before he’s stopped? Like many of Fahzbehn’s stories, there’s plenty of growth, milk, and sluttiness to be found. This tale, though, is part of a slow spiral into insanity where James begins to give in to his desires and takes what he wants, regardless of who it costs. What, ultimately, will come of James and his sociopathic tendencies? Read on and find out.

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