Super BEro vs. Boobpire COMIC


Terri, aka Super BEro, is making police rounds one quiet night. However the night was too quiet, Terri could barely stand the boredom. Suddenly the police radio announces a villain attack to Terri’s delight. Terri soon arrives on the scene.

Without a moment to spare, Terri’s breasts grow to super levels as she transforms into her Super BEro alter ego!  The busty heroine then stumbles on a macabre spectacle, a vampire like creature is draining a woman’s life forces as her breasts grow.

April, the Boobpire, finishes her meal and notices the well endowed Terri standing before her. April has never seen such a huge amount of feminine life force and cannot wait to make Terri her prey, however Terri is having none of it…


Super BEro vs. Boobpire is a classic clash of the titans type of story.

The two are at the same level of competence with their abilities. Terri has her breast expansion power where the bigger her breasts get the more powerful she becomes. The cost is that she becomes more and more aroused to a point were she can be paralyzed by her own libido.

April on the other hand has vampire powers with a boob twist. April drains woman’s life force into herself to increase her power and bust size. Although April does partake in men every now and again for the sex. Any victims sucked dry will become a sex crazed zombies that April has at her disposal.  Both combatants have supernatural breast powers that will lead to explosive huge breast packed action!

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