Swapping Roommates

A mysterious man is tired of the bickering girls who live downstairs from him. So he swaps them, literally.


Grey is a man who enjoys his nice peaceful existence. Of course, peace in an apartment complex can be rare and the two college girls downstairs are more than annoying. They are flat out driving him into a state he rarely lets himself reach. Grey is a writer, and a very unique type of writer, having always had a special ability to write his own reality and rewrite other’s.

The neighbor girls have no clue what is coming as their arguments with each other and constant back and forth inspires Grey into a writing fever. Stacy is a responsible girl who while enjoying a little flirtation in her life is tired of dealing with her slut of a roommate Sasha, who parades around enjoying the attention her enormous natural breasts bring her. Sasha thinks that Stacy needs to loosen up and can’t stand the loser guys Stacy associates with or the submissive way she acts.

After Grey finishes rewriting these two girl’s argumentative existence, neither girl will have a reason to bicker, as they quite literally will walk in the other’s shoes. Stacy will find herself physically changing, her own body swelling and growing until no one can tell her apart from Sasha and Sasha will likewise find herself being warped and changed, parts of her shrinking as she discovers submissiveness in Stacy’s body.

It’s true twisted justice, served up as only Kris P. Kreme can.

Official Publisher's Review

wapping Roommates is a tale of revenge, and a twisted tale of solving arguments by letting the two who argue see just how the other half lives. Justice is served in a style not before seen as the main character tells this tale. His name is Grey and he’s an author, but a very particular one in style and genre.

Grey remains a mysterious shadow figure throughout much of this story, mostly serving as the catalyst to what happens to his very annoying downstairs neighbors, two typical college girls, each attractive, and yet each differing in how they use or abuse that attraction. Stacy and Sasha are presented and described in detail, each living very different lives. One is a dimineering girl who lords over men and uses them for pleasure. The other is a submissive and responsible girl who recognizes there is more to life than sex.

In the end, each character gets a very unique look into the other’s life as they don’t simply swap places, but transform in a slow and delightfully detailed way. Their transformation is the meat of the story, showing a struggle inside that both girls will ultimately surrender to, embracing all manners of perversions and finally providing our narrator with some much needed peace and quiet.

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