Elma Cranius is a vampire, with all the perks that brings, but not in the typical sense. Elma feeds/steals the intellectual capabilities of others, often bolstering her intellectual capabilities in the process. Elma has been around for quite a few centuries and even faced off against some vampire, and monster hunters in her time. While she does have a lot of old money from the development of various old-world industries, like winery and shipbuilding, she also has quite a bit tied up in more modern industries, like computers and cellphones, and has managed to keep the majority of the moment on those businesses, and thus their profits. She has come a long way since her days as a courtier for a more established vampire, whose assets she quickly took control of after he was slain by hunters looking for vampires that passed her by with thoughts she was just a normal human forced into servitude.
It wasn’t until a few years after her former master had passed on that Elma discovered her unique properties. She could siphon the mental energies, and properties, of others; Elma found she got the best results from women, ironically enough, and while the men turn into braindead twits that can easily be manipulated, the females turn into her bimbo thralls. Elma makes great use of them to her advantage, in quite a few ways.

Elma kept on like this for over 200 years, even turning vampire hunters into braindead guys and female hunters into bimbos. But all changes when she meets the one person immune to her powers. This is, of course, quite a surprise to her. But she does feel something from her repeated attempts to feed on him, horny; she hasn’t felt like that since almost as soon as she awoke as a vampire.
Gabriel Vanson wasn’t all that special; he just worked as someone at a hobby shop. Gabriel had been born well-endowed, quite literally, because his birth photos actually show him as being born with a penis almost twice the size of most baby penises. And it just kept on getting more impressive as he grew older, and when his balls dropped, they were of equally impressive size and continued to be that way as they grew. He spent almost his entire life hiding that feature; by the time he turned 22 years old, he had a truly monstrous junk. Now, as a man of 26, he is working as a manager at the hobby shop he worked at since he was 16. He met Elma when she was masquerading as a student taking college courses at night; he was also taking night classes at the local college. He’s been going so he could learn coding, mostly so he could create games and apps he thinks could be useful. Gabriel is a bit of a geek; he likes tabletop Roleplaying Games but hasn’t been able to play since graduating from high school.
After their series of night sessions, Elma invites Gabriel over to her place; he accepts because the following day is his day off. Elma knew that quite well because she had studied his schedule for a few months. She actually owns the hobby shop Gabriel works at.

That night, after arriving at Elma’s estate, the two of them have mind-blowing sex. The two go at it for hours, well past dawn, only pausing for a few minutes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the two go at it for almost the whole day. The whole event is beyond magical for Elma and Gabriel.
The two continue on with this relationship every few months, and Elma makes sure Gabriel’s meals and beverages both rehydrate and reenergize Gabriel, just to be on the safe side. Before long, the two have graduated from their classes, and during celebratory sex on the night of graduation, Elma asks Gabriel to marry her.

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