Story takes place in a big city called STAXXX. The tallest buildings are two dome shaped like structures that has a statue with a female heroine with large breasts in front of it. There are 5 rangers include 3 women and 2 men, each with their own super powers/special abilities. Red ranger is a super buff guy with super strength, Blue ranger is a toned shredded guy with a bulge in his pants and has super speed, Green ranger is a tall woman who can expand her body size to to godzilla sided levels. Yellow ranger is woman who can expand the size of her butt to very large levels, and the Pink ranger is a woman who can expand her breast size to any size anytime she wants. The main antagonist is a woman who snuck inside the Rangers base and stole a super powered ring that has not been tested yet and decides to use it on the city for her own unjust deeds. So its up to the rangers to stop her and get the right back and save the city. Story contains breast expansion, sex, orgies, gigantism, exhibitonism, double penetration, felatio, etc.

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