Blowing Up More than Photographs

Keith Kornell is a photographer with a side hobby in voodoo. That hobby and his career are about to collide.


Keith Kornell has an amazing talent with photography, making his portraits real works of art. He takes great pride in portraying the best sides of his clients and keeping a touch of old-world artistry alive by actually using real film and processing them himself in his own darkroom.

He also has a side hobby looking into practical uses of voodoo, and not simply the stuff old movies portrayed but real control over something or someone. His research and study have led to many successes and advancements, notably, that voodoo seems to more easily affect females. One day, an accident in his darkroom leads to big events in the lives of a mother and daughter who come in with their family for portraits.

Needless to say, Free Enlargements are handed out in a whole new way. Samantha and Katie may have come in for photos, but they’ll likely be the ones flashing everyone else and developing a new attitude after a very large unexpected surprise. Keith takes photos for a living, and he has the skills and talent that only true artists

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