Hungry for some sex-fueled transformations and vore? Join Maggie as she turns her school into an all-you-can-eat-buffet!


High school reunions can be a mixture of scary and entertaining. They offer you the chance to relive memories and catch up with old friends. And for Maggie, Luke, and Henry, this is no exception. They used to be the trouble-makers, the punks, and the slackers. Wanting to relive the glory days, the three of them sneak away to the woods for some intimate recollections. But little do Luke and Henry know that Maggie’s holding a secret– a big one that’s changed her life since they graduated. If the evening wasn’t already strange enough by walking through the halls of their alma mater, Maggie reveals dark transformative powers, seeking revenge against the school that tried to control her all those years ago. It’s an erotic display of power, fantasy, and consumption! Dig in!

Official Publisher's Review

Hello, devoted readers! Are you hungry for something a little bizarre and heavily erotic? Then BotComics is here to serve you the perfect dish! Full of transformation, vore, humor, and sex, this issue of Consumed is sure not only to whet your appetite but satisfy all of your forbidden cravings. Join us on a five-course meal full as we experiment with this new flavor fetish, and engorge yourself on the beautiful artwork, captive storyline, and sex-crazy themes. There’s no need for dessert with an issue this good! Bon appetit!

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  1. The premise was nice. As usual the giantess body was great but the story was boring. It could have been so much better. It was carrie without the good parts!

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