Corrupting Charm

When a group of friends seeks revenge on an enemy by turning her into a bimbo things quickly escalate.


Jenny is hosting a wild party on campus. Everyone who’s anyone seems to be in attendance, which only further aggravates a group of four friends who explicitly did not merit an invitation. Feeling left out and extremely jealous, the four friends (Eve, Molly, Susan, and Grace) attempt to cast a dark spell on Jenny using voodoo. Further exacerbating things is their clear lack of experience as well as their obvious ineptitude. But even with these setbacks, their incantation works, turning Jenny into a busty bimbo right in the middle of the party! She bursts out of her clothes. But the spell doesn’t stop there as the four friends quickly realize they have conjured something much more than they bargained for.

Official Publisher's Review

From writer DeLonge comes another dark story full of pleasure and mayhem! When a jealous group of friends decides to try voodoo and curse a popular girl, Jenny, for not inviting them to a party, things get wildly out of hand. The spell was simply meant to make her into a bimbo, which it initially does, but not long after things become undoubtedly stranger and her transformation takes a dark turn. Lost to the powerful effects of the spell, Jenny can think of nothing but pleasure and her newfound insatiability, wreaking havoc at the party and taking everyone prisoner. What started as an awesome rager quickly devolves into lustful chaos where no one is safe. If you’re in the mood for something a little strange and erotic then this is the perfect tale for you. Discover for yourself just how twisted and perverse Jenny can be with her new form. Buckle in, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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