Lily’s in Bloom – Part One: A Flower by Any Other Name

Lily explores nearby mountains but what she finds in a valley might help her blossom into a new flower.


Lily has always been at home in nature. She also has been a dedicated student, a young woman with career goals and the drive to achieve them. She left her ex-boyfriend a few years back because he wasn’t interested in her attending college. His thoughts were that a woman had her place and she should be fulfilling that natural order of things.

Lily chose to go out on her own, to move into a small apartment complex near the base of Mount Ashland, and to spend some extra time in her studies taking nature photographs. Well, finally the day has come, after studying hard and getting some available weeks off to explore her local area, Lily takes her camera and heads up into the wild.

She finds herself in a valley filled with strange flowers, flowers that seem to be in full bloom. Soon after Lily will find herself changing, ever so slowly coming into bloom as she realizes just what she wants out of life and how badly she wants it.

Lily is one flower that blooms all the time and once she starts, things might just grow out of control.

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