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Mother Earth

Mother Earth, an extremist eco-terrorist group, uses giantesses to help nature take back the planet.


The story begins with Ronnie and Chris sneaking into a factory that constantly pumps pollutants in the air. Ronnie and Chris soon find their selves a private place so that they can start their mission.   Not wasting a moment, Chris uses the Sequoia on Ronnie.   Ronnie promptly starts to grow.  The two also have sex to make the seeds effects spread through her growing body faster, and for their own pleasure of course.  Now a decent size, Ronnie could lay waste to the factory, but today she wanted to try something different.  Ronnie orders Chris to give her another Sequoia that will cause her to grow to a city destroying size.  Chris remembers what happened last time she tried two seeds, but decides to not dare challenge the giantesses wishes…

Official Publisher's Review

Mother Earth is a story by Bob Saget that puts a new spin on the giantess MILF theme.  Instead of being a simple mother, she is the leader of an eco-terrorist group that wants nature to take back the planet using mass giantess destruction. Mother Earth uses a special seed to trigger growth in her female followers.  The seed is named after the tallest tree and is called “Sequoia”  However, the seed is volatile and isn’t a quick fix to achieve Mother Earth’s dream.  The story will explore breaking through the seeds issues and other problems, such as Mother’s own son,  that stop the eco-terrorist’s mission from becoming a reality.  Mother Earth also includes the staple growth, sex, sexual situations, breast expansion that Bob Saget is known for.  Readers are likely to enjoy this story.

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  1. This is an amazing series, only giantess milf moms can save the earth.
    Mother Earth is so adorable, the milf boss looks great too. Mother Earth should make all milfs and moms huge and thick permanetly and let them help her to save the Earth and turn Earth to a heaven for everyone. A world where all moms are sexy mini giantesses can be a true heaven, because the huge moms can organize their families better and they can teach males and young girls to respect to nature much better, so this is the only solution to save the planet 😉

  2. I am amazed by the story, it does a great job at subverting the destruction for destruction’s sake trope commonly seen in giantess stories. I have questions though, will the earth there be effectively rebooted with the children of earth running things, how did ms. hexas know of mother Earth’s attack, and how exactly was mother earth created from the tree in the first place?

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