Ken just bought a new house. The kitchen is to die for. The stereo is something else again...


Ken just bought a house! It has a kitchen to die for, and it even came with an absolutely amazing entertainment system: A SlutTECH model ST-42 with ALL the bells and whistles. What is a SlutTect ST-42? Well according to the ad… The ST-42 uses a combination of revolutionary subliminal audio, video, and hypnotic techniques resulting in a woman who truly wants you, and only you, SEXUALLY. A slut who is game for any kinky adventure you can imagine. You will hear nothing, but her mind will be filled with images and audio of women being STIMULATED into multiple and intense screaming ORGASMS, leaving her uncontrollably AROUSED! She won’t know where it came from, but all the while voices will be telling her YOU are the one. YOU are the cause. YOU will deliver the ECSTASY she needs. She will be a NYMPHOMANIAC utterly addicted to YOU! He’s going to enjoy his new house. Especially since he has his Ex-wife’s best friend over to see the new house and have a few drinks.

Official Publisher's Review

Bill Pratt writes a lot of mind control fiction. Probably too much for the good of his mental health, but you don’t have to worry about that. Just sit back and enjoy as Ken’s new stereo slowly sculpts Terri’s mind, turning one of his friends into a personal sex toy. Into a horny slut dedicated to his pleasure. It starts off mild, relaxing her, distracting her with specially coded subliminal messages? Messages that invade the mind of a female listener, that enhance her libido, instill a craving for oral sex, and implant a subconscious desire to share the programming with her friends. Messages that will turn Terri into Ken’s personal sex toy, a private slut willing to satisfy his every sexual desire.

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