Special Cargo

Mary has been given a very special, high priority assignment. To take an special cargo to Mars!


Mary had worked as an aide for the united planets earth ambassador to mars for three years. She had been hired to his staff after finishing government school at 18, firstly working as a general secretary, Mary had quickly proved her value at her job and was then elevated to working as a direct aide to the ambassador. Now, after only two years on the job, she had been given a very special, high priority assignment. Two years ago mars had suffered from a terrible plague. The entire population had suffered its devastating effects, thousands upon thousands dying under its horrific touch. By the end of the year long plague, fully three quarters of the population had died, leaving a once prosperous planet with a population of 250 million, reduced to a suffering world of barely 20 million. The martians had appealed to earth for aid and, in a meeting full of secret negotiations, earth had agreed to aid mars in any way that it could.

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