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The Three Wish Bundle COMIC


The central genie sees himself as something of a public servant, assisting mortals to attain greatness and generally improve the lot of humankind. But only three wishes would limit his goals. Wishes would be hoarded, greed would rule, and where is the fun in that? The genie genuinely enjoys his work, so why would anyone stop him at three wishes?

Get the three series of the Three Wish Universe in just one bundle and discover what happens when a mischievous genie decides to assist  humankind. A total of 3 Series, 180 pages (140 published pages +3 Covers + 40 upcoming pages)


Few artifacts are greater than the genie’s lamp…what would your wishes be? Would you dare to explore your hidden desires?

This bundle contains the following series:

-The Three Wish Myth (50 pages – Finished)

-Three Wishes for Three Women (50 – Finished)

-The Three Wish War (40 Published pages + 40 Upcoming pages )

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