Pics or GTFO

Patty has been hanging out on a forum for lovers of busty women, and she's been telling some tall tales.


Flatty Patty has been hanging out on a forum for lovers of busty women under the name Patty Peaks, and she’s been telling tall tales to match her forum identity as an exceptionally busty woman. But what’s she going to do now that she’s pushed her luck too far and been challenged with the age-old Internet threat of Pics or GTFO? Well, Annie, a friend of a friend, does prosthetics for low budget Hollywood productions and a little Anime Cosplay on the side. Maybe Annie would like to do something other than zombie makeup for a change? Maybe she would. Totally she would! Anything but more zombies! Besides turning a twig like Flatty Patty into a busty bombshell is going to look GREAT in her portfolio.

Official Publisher's Review

Pics or GTFO has been a threat on the Internet almost since the beginning, and it’s nice to see that finally someone is doing something about it! In a story pulled almost out of real life, William Pratt introduces us to Flatty Patty, a girl who has found a family of sorts on The Swelling Chest, a forum devoted to the appreciation of women with large breasts or small breasts getting much, much larger. Perhaps her attraction to the site is simply Dren, a guy she likes, or perhaps the fantasy of having large (as in really, really large) breasts fills a hole in her flat-chested life. Regardless, when she pushes one of the legitimately busty women at the site too far… Well, it’s pics or GTFO time.

Patty’s not taking that sitting down, so off she goes to at least LOOK like she has big breasts, be it morphing her head onto the body of a big bust model or getting prosthetic enhancements from a friend of a friend who does make up for movies and TV.

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