A man visiting a roadside diner struggles to contain a reality warping power within him.


Zeke Miller is a man with a problem, one that is very quickly about to get out of control. Long ago, as a child, Zeke was exposed to a blast of mental energy, an explosion that left him in a coma and when he awoke, he would grow and develop into someone hiding a secret. Left isolated from all people as a child, Zeke discovered that his mind shifts, the mental plates inside like those of the Earth and when they move and break apart too much, tremors are released.

These tremors change those around him, and as a boy developing, he had one interest, girls. So his particular mental energy has been trained and focused to affect women in close proximity to him, particularly those he finds attractive. What begins as a simple tremor in their breasts spreads to all of them and soon an innocent girl is becoming whatever perverted fantasy has ever been had about her.

Zeke is losing control and avoids people at all costs, save for a once a month trip into town. Unfortunately on the day he decides to stop at a small diner, a school cheerleading squad happens to be stopping in as well. He’s about to unleash a full-on tremor blast and no one at the diner will be the same again.

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