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Winter Games

Winter is here! Time to play some games.


The story starts knowing the protagonists Carmen, a maid and Miss Alice, daughter of the owners of the house, who is bored because there is a snowfall outside and could not attend classes so she proposes to Carmen to play a magical game called “titty twister” which they have already played and consists of sexual challenges that if not met grows the size of the tits and as time passes they grow more and more, The one who has the biggest boobs at the end of the game loses, so while playing it seems that the game breaks and generates that their boobs do not stop growing despite meeting the challenges, Alice invites her to play and the officer joins the game without believing that it was magic, making the situation even more complicated to the point that only Alice can move, to reverse the situation the officer tells her to look in her car for the taser gun to electrify the game and fix the problem, she succeeds with luck while the officer and Carmen continue having sex and growing more and more her tits to colossal points. Who will win at the end of the game?

Official Publisher's Review

Botcomics surprises again with a classic Breast Expansion “Winter Games”, a thrilling story that takes us through a snowy afternoon where we meet the protagonists Carmen, a sexy and mature redhead maid and Alice a young blonde, bored by the weather decide to play an interesting game called “titty twister” which is an exotic board game that magically based on sexual challenges will generate that the breasts of the protagonists grow like never before to huge points, The lonely atmosphere and mutual horniness will make these women go sexually crazy and they will not stop enjoying the pleasure they can have together, but something will not be quite right with the game and this will create an expansion to unimaginable levels in the breasts of these beautiful women, sex, breast growth, surprises and more, that readers will certainly enjoy and can not miss!

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Sheriff Mills
The kind and sweet sheriff of the town. Her work in the snow is quite chilly, so she seeks warmth through any means possible.
Winter Games_Avatar_Sheriff Mills
Miss Alice
A daring well-bred girl. She enjoys winter and being cooped up at home. Despite that, she has a rather kinky side.
Winter Games_Avatar_Miss Alice
A delightful and enchanting house assistant. Despite her mature allure, she has a deep passion for games and the allure of the unknown!
Winter Games_Avatar_Carmen