The planet H4r-3m is a planet with a strange rule to it, for every 20 to 35 females born, one male is born; this seems to be present for all fauna native and foreign in addition to all the peoples and cultures that live upon the planet as well; 2 of its four moons seem to have similar rules, and one seems to have an inverse rule. The planet’s closest neighbors, other than its four moons, are the planets B1m-80, which has a strange energy about it that causes the mental acuity of all females to drop to amusingly erotic levels so long as they are within a certain range of the planet’s atmosphere, only one of B1m’s three moons seems to possess this strange energy field as well, and FU-T4-H3-RM, a world where males and females born within the confines of the atmosphere have both male and female biological features, this is true for the fauna, both local and introduced, but the changes don’t seem to be present for visitors, as long as you aren’t there for more than a few decades, after that time even visitors start to develop the biological features of a Futanari/Hermaphrodite, both three of the planets four moons are habitable. All seem to have this feature to them as well. These planets are part of the solar system that orbits the star labeled F3t-15h. H4r-3m has created a special sort of societal system around this phenomenon, one where males are each assigned a community that they then fill with females that meet their particular tastes and interests that are also of legal age. The story comes online with one of H4r’s rare male members coming of legal age and going to the specially created office outside of the community he grew up in; due to the nature of things on the planet, after taking in all of his possible information, he is informed that they have no existing communities for him to take over as ruler/leader, so they’ll have to build him a place, which means it will take time to find a suitable location and construct the community/town/city to his specifications and interests; he is also informed he will be given a catalog of women that are being moved or need to be moved that conforms to his tastes near the town/city’s completion and that the women he will be given to choose from are of legal age or will reach legal age by the time they arrive in the town/city he designed, or he arrives if they got there before him. Just what sort of place will he have built for himself?
Maybe, sometime, we’ll visit B1M or FU-T4 some other time, but for now, we’ll focus on H4r-3m, maybe after, some of their moons to see how they differ from their home planet.

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2 Responses

  1. an interesting stetting, from the premise one has to assume a futuristic setting if moving between planets is something that occurs routinely.

    Not so sold if the main character is a male him having to wait for a place to be set up for him, given the rare number of males one would assume he would have been contacted and his place would have been set up for him if they figured they wouldn’t have a place available by the time of his majority long ago. Him being asked to look the place over and advise on any final tweaks he wants and selections of females would make more sense. Otherwise its just poor planning.

    On a point of fact by how this is set up it would mean that the male lead in this scenario would never have met any of the women he would be selecting, if he lives in his fathers community before he moves out that means for his whole life he has been surrounded by women that are his fathers harem and any young girls would be his sisters. Makes me wonder if a parting gift from father to son in this world would be letting him take one of his wives, an older woman as a manager of his new home, to give him some sense of familiarity or would taking his mother to be head den mother of the harem make more sense. You know keep things organized for him so he doesn’t have to.

    I mean what is the supposed division of labor here? With the small number of males I can’t help but feel that while they would be ruling the roost of a town, and living a life of ease, that means that women are capable and in a sense must fill all other occupations. I mean other than wanting to become a mother, what’s the incentive for the women to be the males lap dogs? and if the society is advanced enough to travel between planets how are the men avoiding being locked up and milked at a processing planet for women to just artificially inseminate themselves. I feel the Harem world needs a few more conditions to make the women want to be part of a harem and why the men are so prized. I suppose it somehow becoming a societal norm that most don’t question would work to an extent.

    the men having control over robots that do most menial tasks but can also be used to pacify any resistance to their way of life might be a good addition to this.

    With that said with how things are laid out now I almost think making the lead a female would almost be more interesting, perhaps a bit of a rebel a woman who wants to get out of being claimed by a male. Maybe she doesn’t want to have kids or just would prefer not to be with the male trying to lay claim to her. Perhaps an underground group tries to help girls like her get to the Futa world where gender has less meaning while the government uses the Bimbo world as a form of penal colony for such free spirited and thinking women? Though would the futa’s be treated as males or females by the bimbo worlds effects? maybe its sort of randomized for them, some are effected and some aren’t.

    Final thought would a space explorers arrives on the world, maybe they are here to check on an old colonist ship that was headed here centuries ago but get roped into the society by the rulers, they now have to learn the rules in order to survive and perhaps manage to get back to their rocket to escape. Or go the route where they have no choice but to wait for rescue if the government destroys their rocket at the start as a means of forcing their integration into their society. This gives the outsiders perspective where the main character learns of how things work in this setting at a similar pace to the readers.

    1. That’s just one approach; he could be handed leadership of a community that fits his tastes. Either way, we get to see what the guy’s personal sense of aesthetics is and the kind of women he has a fetish for.

      I’m also working on writing a summary of a story that takes place on one of the other planets in the F3T-15H system could be formatted.

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