A continuation of BE story club classic Island of Dreams. After taking control of the island and becoming mistress power goes to Maria’s head. Rather than free all of the islands bimbos she decides that with no men left on the island to enslave them all to her own needs. The story begins several months later after the end of the last chapter with mistress Maria successfully having delivered the new serum to every bimbo giving her total control of all growth, however Tammy is Maria’s number 1 bimbo with Maria forcing her to grow and grow and pleasure the mistress on demand. Shantelle is not under Maria’s control and cannot stand the way her lesbian lover is treated as a sex slave. When a new batch of girls arrive on the island to fill the jobs needed of maids, nurses, police officers and entertainment (strippers) Shantelle sees an opportunity to take control and turn Maria into the biggest bimbo of all becoming a play thing for her and Tammy’s new reign!

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