Richard Dilconk grew up hearing about and studying the stories of Rabbit in the Moon from Chinese and Japanese lore; he was always fascinated by them, mainly because he developed an unexpected fixation on rabbits and bunnies from a young age, almost as soon as he hit puberty, his room was filled with images and figurines of bunny girls, his personal space is filled with so much rabbit-themed memorabilia that he’s actually been sent to get professional help, they couldn’t find a way to help tone things down a bit. Richard has a serious bunny girl fetish, and it’s probably one of the reasons he has next to no friends in and out of work. One day, Richard finds a book of Lunar magics in his mailbox with no return address, and the only name on the package is the letters “Ri,” which is the first two letters of his name; taking the package up into his room, he discovered it was some sort of moon-themed or based spellbook, the only spell he could make out was a ritual for traveling to the “Kindom of the Moon,” and the only reason the ritual caught his interest was the images of rabbits all over the pages that talked about the ritual. So, on the night before his day off, Richard performs the ritual; after collecting all the materials from all over town, he was just barely able to find everything from various shops around town in the time leading up to this moment, he is able to perform the ritual. After a few minutes, he finds himself still in his marginally upscale apartment, and just as he’s about to utter a comment about how the spell really was a waste of time, Richard finds himself in an extravagant greeting chamber with the Earth in the sky as if he were on the moon, even if something about does seem a little off; a moment later he realizes he is also naked in the chamber and surrounded by rabbit women, the one in the throne on the Dais having an emasculate voluptuous figure with a large bosom (Q-Cup) in some hentai parody of extravagantly royal attire, with a similarly voluptuous rabbit woman standing next to her (MMM-Cup bosom) standing next to the throne in what he could only describe as erotic wizard robes with a wand in her hand that had a crescent moon on end. Richard can’t make out what any of the rabbit women are saying when he first arrives; it’s only when a busty Rabbit woman guard in skimpy silver armor adorned with full moons is halfway through escorting him to the room they have prepared that he’s finally able to understand the language. Apparently, that ritual he performed was part of a process to bring males to the Moon Rabbit Kingdom. He suddenly realizes when he saw that Earth that was a little off, it meant he had been sent to another world, and now he’s basically going to be a breeding stud for the Moon Rabbit nobility, starting with their ruler and that mage he saw; Richard game for that, he’s been wanting to breed bunny girls since he was a teenager, and his 25-year-old ass is more than willing to pay whatever price is needed to do just that. He quickly learns that only the most elite of the Moon Rabbit society reside in this castle he is in, including the guards; the fact they are all varying degrees of thicc, and none of them are below an E-Cup with the queen’s closest advisors (like the mage) not being below an H-Cup and the royal family’s females having a history of not going below an M-Cup mildly amuses Richard.

It seems the queen is making special preparations to ensure her breeding is optimal, at least; that’s what he thinks is the reason he’s been confined to a single room for what he thinks is a few days. His first sexual partner, ever, is going to be the queen of the Moon Rabbits, likely followed by that court mage. Richard will be knocking up a lot of rabbit women, which he probably won’t last long, but that is a risk he’s willing to make.

So, we just recently entered the Year of the Rabbit in the Lunar calendar, so I thought it would amusing to have a story about a guy basically getting with a bunch of Moon Rabbits.

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6 Responses

  1. Be interesting to see if this is picked up for the year of the rabbit, or if it will have to wait for it to come back around.

    Its a nice concept, I can’t help but feel that the aspect of Richard doing the spell is sort of invalidated by how he switches things to him being summoned. I would say pick one or the other, but if you want to keep the planned to make him a stud bit the summoning bit would be what to keep. Otherwise if you keep with the spell he should land somewhere in the boonies I think. I would also throw in a rare moon night when this happens, like a blue moon, Harvest moon or Super Blue Blood Moon or something that take years between occurrences.

    I have to ask what is the factor of rabbit to girl here? Are we talking just playboy bunny girls where the tails and ears are real, maybe some whiskers and pink noses or something similar to zootopia in scale were its more bunny then girl?

    It might be a nice defining aspect of nobility verses commoner that perhaps one group is the playboy bunny and the other group is the other one, perhaps with the more bunny girls having smaller but multiple breasts. The more human appearance of the nobility could even be attributed to them breeding with human males more often.

    on that note the book he got with the spell could be the commoners typical way to get a human male.

    the prep for him could be a potion that gives him rabbit ears, a larger penis and big balls to produce more baby batter with and maybe improve his stamina. If they want to prep him I would think they would want to be sure he is pent up by putting him in some form of straight jacket to be sure he can’t jack off. Of course the fact this means beauty bunny girls have to hand feed him would make up for things.

    I hope if this gets made we get to see an ending scene with alot of very big pregnant bellied rabbit girls.

    If you want to add mystery or some other story aspect to this Richard could have the mystery of what has become of his predecessors if he doesn’t meet any of them. Perhaps the longer Richard is on the moon the less human male he becomes, either with time or each rabbit girl he knocks up, until he’s more girl or rabbit then human male, it would help explain why no males are to be found or born on the moon, an old curse perhaps? Or throw in the lesser classes working to steal him, which perhaps Richard is fine with as he gets treated well and gets more girls to knock up either way.

    1. The idea behind his getting summoned is that it’s an inversion of expectations, and also implies that he goofed up somewhere along the way on his end. But I do like the idea of him doing it during one of the rarer points in the lunar cycle.

      1. A better inversion of expectations I think given it was meant to send him somewhere would be if instead it deposited a rabbit girl in his lap on Earth. Him being summoned just makes it feel like he screwed up and none of the lead up of him running around to get supplies for his own spell had meaning, at least in my opinion. If you want to split the difference then his work can be said to have made the other point needed for the summoning spell or can be spun into his efforts may help them establish a permanent portal between the two realms or something.

        I figured the ritual having to be done at a more rare point in time if the spell rather then summoning is kept was it gave more weight to him having to meet the deadline as he would have to wait a long time before another chance. Inversely it could also be used to explain why humans aren’t summoned more often.

        1. Maybe the Alternative version could be him summoning 2 to 5 rabbits to himself instead could be done after the story proper wraps up; that way, the title would just have to add “Alternative” at the end of the title after the story proper goes up. And I suppose the author and artist could have fun deciding which rabbits of those 2 to 5 rabbits from the original got summoned to his place instead and what they ended up doing as a result of their being summoned. And I think its fun seeing alternative versions of the same story every once in a while.

          1. One could argue that the different versions are basically two separate stories because they would play out very differently. It might make a better sequel then an alternative storyline, make it so that someone else finds the book later and inverts the spell getting a lap of rabbit girls from the same planet, perhaps some familiar faces from the previous work. Heck perhaps the rabbits inter and breed with humans so much its revealed the world Richard went to was in fact earth in the future, where humans have simply been breed to extinction, as any pairing with a rabbit girl produces rabbit offspring.

            the only issue with rabbits on earth is how would that storyline expect for the potential ending of them taking over the planet aspect, play out in the middle? Should they be summoned during Halloween where the lead would have an issue tracking them down if they run off, or at least have a built in explanations for their appearance as they run around? Should they be helpful where they try to make their imposition on the lead easier in some way by find work? Or just lust crazed where he has to constantly keep an eye on them to keep them from sneaking out to get laid. Does he keep her confined in the house or work out a disguise so she can go out and have a social life. so many ways to go with this scenario.

            The only way to combine them would be if the story processes where Richard wants to leave what he originally thought would be his paradise to return to earth and takes those who he liked best, were most loyal or some such back with him, either intentionally or by accident at the stories ending and then Richard having to deal with acclimatizing the rabbit girls to earth.

        2. I might suggest the sort of follow-up involving someone else getting their hands on the book and somehow managing to summon some of the moon rabbits after the story gets posted.

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