The last war had caused a disaster on a global scale, an unknown country had employed a biological weapon that once released had an unintended global effect. The disease killed 90% of all women in the world.

The world descended into chaos, some men worked to protect the women that were immune and had survived that were of child bearing age as they were now the most precious resource on the planet. This led some men to escape civilization to hide out making women seem all the more scarce. Other less noble men realizing the opportunity they had begun to auction their wives, daughters or sisters off to the highest bidder.

In the midst of this insanity an entity was created that was known only as ‘The institute’ the pioneered a new gene therapy that could turn a man into a fully functioning reproductive woman.

For those who had longed for this sort of gender reassignment capability it was a godsend, but it was also a way to restore balance. The institute however had its own rules. Until gender balance was restored women were to return to the roles of housewife and mothers, they were safer at home than being on the street and they needed more natural births of girls to make this work.

Society returned to what would have once been considered normal for the 1930’s women in the home and men in the workforce.

The way the instate worked is that they turned two kinds of men into women, volunteers who were paid a substantial reward in exchange for giving up their dicks and those selected by the government by lottery. A random lottery is done annually where a percentage of the male population turning 20 is assigned to be transformed into women, the exact percentage is based on the volume of volunteers from the previous year, the institute would rather work with volunteers then lottery winners and volunteers take to their new roles more easily. The transformed were often referred to as ‘institute girls’ or ‘instant women’.

All transformee’s are required to marry and have children, transformees genes were altered so that they would 75% of the time give birth to girls and they were expected to have at least X number of children in their lifetime as per contracts. They could seek a husband themselves or apply for the institute to find one for them that was compatible with them.

The institute girls were required to act and be feminine as such they were schooled at the facility in makeup, feminine hygiene, fashion etc. in daily classes they were to attend before being turned loose or turned over to their future husbands. As the therapy first stripped a man of his manhood but took weeks to fully alter the body into a female form this gave the men a time to transition.

In the case where the lottery or volunteers became resistant further gene therapy could be applied to enhance the speed of their transformation, enhance the end result of how curves they developed or some rumored even alter their intelligence or personality.

We follow Vern, a down on his luck high school graduate. He’s not very handsome, he doesn’t have great grades and he doesn’t have money, as such he’s unlikely to ever have a girlfriend or wife, with their choice of men with the shortage of women only the best, brightest and riches men are guaranteed to have a girl in their life.

When his friend Buster is unlucky enough to be selected by lottery to become a woman it gets Vern thinking. He decides his chances of having a happy life as a man aren’t great but as a woman he would have better prospects. He goes to the institute office and volunteers to become a woman. Buster is surprised to say the least to find his friend next to him in his orientation class on being a woman. Thus the newly christened Betty and Veronica begin their journey’s into womanhood in this strange world.

Volunteers: usually made up of those who wanted the payday of selling their manhood, but some volunteer to be able to provide those funds to a brother to be sure he can use it to get a wife to carry on the family name.

Lottery Winners: those wishing to avoid the lottery have one legal avenue to do so, no married man will be converted even if the lottery selects him. But there must be proof of a marriage prior to the person winning the lottery and if a child is not produced from the union within one year the man will still be expected to report to the institute to be converted

Men’s opinion of institute girls: though that a real man gets a real woman, it is thought by the elite that lesser men have to settle for institute girls. Most such men wouldn’t pass the institutes screening process for selecting husbands for their girls. Some men do have reservations about the fact their spouse was once a man, but typically they find nothing manish at all about institute girls in fact some claim as they were once men and know how a dick feels their better lovers then real girls. Besides the alternative is to die single and alone, not a great alternative.

Natural Women’s opinion of institute girls: Most are thankful for them, if not for the institute and its girls their mothers and even they may have found themselves reduced to baby factories in order to maintain the species. While they have lost access to the workplace and have to be mothers at least they can do it in a semblance of normalcy with a loving and appreciative husband. So they generally like to help them when they can, though some feel that volunteers are perhaps a bit perverted at heart.

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