Three female reporters are driving in an area where people passing through have been disappearing. Pretending to be ordinary travelers the seek to break the story. They head down an unmarked side road, after driving for a while they find themselves in a small town also not on the map, what is eerie about it is that it looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1920’s . (they arrive late at night and get a room, unknown to them while they sleep their room is gassed and each is injected by a mysterious figure, they awake unaware of any of this the next morning)

I figure for the all at once the concept of the hotel also being a daycare (not many tourists so this gives them a more steady income) which will add the girls to their expectant and lactating daycare staff would work. (I would start with one of them her personality is maternal and is drawn to cute babies, she could get sucked into the job while trying to casually ask the staff questions only for them to ask her to hold to hand them things while they talk until she’s unwittingly holding a nursing baby to her own lactating breast)


While Sarah headed to the library to check the town records and Christine headed to the salon on the grounds it would be where any rumors to be heard could be found Alex decided to question the hotel staff, being as it was the only hotel in town the missing women most likely would have stayed here.

Heading to the front desk she found no one there, thoughts of ringing the bell on the desk were stopped when she heard the wail of a baby coming from a door on the other side of the lobby. Remembering that the girl had stated that the hotel operated primarily as a daycare Alex figured the staff must be over there.
Heading through the door revealed to Alex a sea of cribs each one full with a cute baby, it seemed while the hotel business in town was slow, the daycare business was booming.
Woman: Oh hello dear, do you need something?
Alex turned to the source of the voice, which turned out to be one of the daycare workers, her back now turned to Alex once again as she focused on the task of changing the infant on the changing table before her.
Alex: Boy you really seem busy in here, I guess the daycare really gets more business than the hotel side of things, I mean other than us when was the last time you had guests staying.
Woman: Oh we get the occasional guest, mostly lost travelers mind you who missed a turn, never stay for more than a night or two depending on whether they have car trouble for old Joe the town mechanic to fix up. Darn out of diapers, would you be a dear and hold him while grab another box from storage.
The woman turned with the infant in her arms, and it was now that Alex could clearly see that the woman had to be at least 8 months pregnant.
Alex: Oh I don’t know I really don’t have a lot of experience with babies.
Woman: Nonsense its instinctual trust me, and you just need to hold her for a few minutes, just so she doesn’t start to wail and wake the others. Besides which I been in this business so long I just know you’ll be a natural, you have ‘future mommy’ written all over you.

Alex continued to protest but still somehow found herself standing in the daycare rocking the baby in her arms as the daycare worker disappeared through a door labeled ‘storage’. Alex had to admit that this did seem instinctual, like some primitive impulse at the back of her brain was being indulged. Alex took the time to take in the several other women working in the daycare, all seemed to share a few similar traits to the one that hand handed her the baby. All were clearly pregnant to a lesser or greater degree and quite well figured, Alex assumed this was due to the fact it seemed that those women who were feeding the babies were clearly doing so from their own breasts.

It could have been the result of any number of things, the baby in her arms, the smell of baby powder in the air, being surrounded by so many clearly maternal women, or even the strange soothing music playing from the speakers in the ceiling of the daycare, but Alex couldn’t seem to keep her herself from thinking about motherhood. She began to have a daydream about finally retiring from journalism, with all of its constant demands it put on her life, and settling down with a nice man and devoting her efforts to having a family.

Little did Alex notice the subtle changes that were occurring to her as her gave in to the daydream of what her life would be like once she retired and married.

Maybe she’d work in a daycare like this one, should watch over her own children as well as others cute little ones, Alex always had a weakness for cute things, and make some money at the same time. It seemed like the perfect future profession for her.

By the time the woman returns Alex’s shirt is straining from her engorged breasts, her shirt soaked with milk, the woman unbuttons Alex’s shirt and leads her to a chair where she is set to nursing babies to relieve the pressure of her milk, and a set of headphones to continue her brainwashing are placed on her head. The head daycare worker then goes to consult a list and calls Joe who is next on the list to head into town to collect his new wife.

Christine chapter:
Small town hair salons were the social hub for rumors in any small town, or at least that was the excuse Christine had used to justify to herself heading there for a manicure and a hair styling. So now here she sat under an old 1950’s era hair dryer soaking in the gossip laid out by the women around her.
Woman 1: I hear Glenda had her baby yesterday, a healthy baby girl.
Woman 2: Oh really well I heard that Milly is pregnant again.
Woman 1: Really! Already, my my, she and her husband must be going at it like rabbits. I mean she just gave birth to cute little Tommy just 4 months back.
Christine sighed, it seemed that she wasn’t going to be getting any information here after all, it seemed the main focus of the local women’s gossip involved who was and wasn’t expecting. She closed her eyes and decided to just catch some beauty sleep while she waited for the hairdryer to do its work. Christine figured she must have dozed off for only a moment before her sixth sense for gossip woke her again, as the focus on the women’s discussions had switched it seemed to a new target, namely the strange new blonde in their midst, her, keeping her eyes closed she listed.
Woman 1: So she’s one of the three staying over at Betty’s B&B.
Woman 2: Yes, I heard it straight from Marge this morning, seems they are a trio of college students out doing some traveling for pleasure over the summer.
Woman 1: Nothing wrong with that, best time for going out and seeing the world for women, before they marry and have a gaggle of children to look after. Makes me wish I’d done a bit more before settling down with Harold.

Christine had never really given having children any real thought, as much as she enjoyed the company of attractive men she had never given serious thought to marriage and eventually children. She supposed she should consider herself lucky that maternity fashion was more varied these days, and it could be an interesting look to try. Though there was the matter of what pregnancy would do to her figure, but and with this thought Christine cracked open an eye to view the almost entirely pregnant customers and staff of the salon, if they were any example a few babies may actually improve her figure greatly.
Christine seemed to not realize as her thoughts on children slowly changed from planning to never have children, to considering having several. With sons to do things for her and daughters she could do up to join junior beauty pageants.
All the while Christine had begun to absently stroke her abdomen, not noticing any of the changes to her figure as her breasts expanded to better feed her future offspring and her hips widened to allow for easier birthing due to the loose salon robe she had been stripped before being made to wear.

As such the special hair dryer was doing its work, as such Christine made no comment when the clothes returned to her weren’t the pants and shirt she came in wearing but a 1950’s era dress. She also gave the smartly dressed man calling her honey and she thought of as her husband a big kiss when he walked into the salon to pick her up.

Sam Chapter:
(Sam goes to the town library to try and see if there are any new articles in their archive to provide a lead, a car crash etc.

Sam had opted to check out the town library, in hopes that perhaps there was some record there of what may have happened to the missing travelers. After an hour of looking she had come to two conclusions. One that the library’s archive of the local paper contained no leads on the missing women, and two that this was one of the strangest libraries she had ever visited. The oddities were glaring; about half of the library was dedicated to children’s books and a story time center which even now had a pregnant volunteer reading to at least 2 dozen young children. The other half seemed to be split between pregnancy and child rearing guides and bodice ripping romance novels.

Though Sam did notice that these books seemed to be in high demand from the locals, as she saw dozens of young children not listening to the story roaming the children’s section, while most of the expectant woman seemed to reading one pregnancy guide or another while reclining in seats that seemed to be specifically made for their comfort. Those pulling books out of the romance section seemed to always retreat to private little rooms off on one wall of the library the sounds emanating from those closed doors gave proof to certain beliefs on expectants women’s sex drive much to Sam’s embarrassment.

Woman: How could you tell?
Librarian: Trust me dear I can tell from one look when someone is overdue
The Librarian had a smirk on her face as the woman stroked her large pregnant belly.

Failing that she decides to head to the local mechanics in case they broke down and he remembers them, finds one of the missing women’s car and mechanic gives her a lift to the address, arrives at house, finds woman happily married and pregnant, wants explanation woman invites them in for tea, even as Sam fails to get any answers from the woman the mechanic actually begins to tell the tale of the town, it was founded a generation ago by rich men not liking where the world was going with women entering the workforce, so they created this town where they controlled everything and they could keep things the way they wanted. At first the townsfolk were paid actors, but as news of the town spread through certain circles more men wanted to join in, to the point the actors were let go, only one problem, the town wasn’t a popular concept for women, oh they got the odd duck that wanted nothing more than to be a housewife, but to few for the men wanting the full experience, hence the kidnappings and brainwashing of women from across the country. Sam wonders why is he telling her this, is he dissatisfied with this where he wants to help her break the story? Nope he says, he claimed her as his already and he likes his girls with most of their minds intact, Sam gets in his face but a few keywords from the mechanic has her on her knees servicing him.)


All three pass each other on the road in town several months later, Alex cuddled next to Joe in the passenger seat a beat up pick up heading back out to the farm after a day’s work at the nursery dressed in her cut off daisy dukes and her tied off shirt already showing wet spots from her lactating breasts and her pregnant belly hanging out for all to see.

Christine sitting next to her husband on their way home from shopping for baby things which fill the back of the car, cuing over her baby bump thinking of how she will reward her husband in bed that night for his care.

Sam sits next to her husband in the passenger seat of his tow truck, her grease stained overalls barely containing her bust and pregnant belly, on their way to help a new victim of the town, caught in one of their carefully set up traps to disable cars on a certain side road. She notes the happy looks on her former friends faces as their cars pass. Her husband likes taking her out to pick up these young ladies, he finds them less intimated to find his wife in the car next to him then when he goes alone, makes the radio playing the subliminal messages have more effect if their calm. Plus he liked seeing her squirm, her own programming preventing her from warning any of these other victims to run.

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