Four college girl friends, Sarah, Candace, Mabel, Jennifer move to a house close to thier college, while moving in they notice a box that didn’t belong to anyone so they assume that the previous owner probably left it behind ,while they start discussing about how they should return it, Mabel being the most impulsive of the group doesn’t think twice and opens it, inside there were a bunch of old clothes, Mabel puts her hand inside and pulls some thick glasses, she puts them on and starts talking like a nerd, the other girls start laughing and soon join her picking more clothes from the box, Candace picks some leopard pattern leggings (very old fashioned like something taken from the 60s),Sarah picks a pair of High heel sandals with very thin toe post and no support on the back,forcing her to walk in tip toes, Finally Jennifer picks a black spiked collar, they are having fun playing around when Candace says that she should probably go fix something up for supper the other girls are surprised because they’ve know each other for so long and they didn’t now that Candace could cook, in the kitchen Candace wonders why she said that, usually she’s laid back and waits for others to take initiative on things, thinking is starting to hurt her so her. head goes empty and she starts to focus only in cooking for the other girls, she starts humming and moving around the kitchen in a very girly way, suddenly her breast start growing and stretching her T-shirt until they burst out spraying milk everywhere, she look at her huge boobs leaking milk with a smile and just says “oh my”, her ass starts growing as well but the leggings just fit around her giant ass perfectly, her face gets significantly older with big puffy lips, long eyelashes and a tacky makeup, her hair morphs into an old 60’s style big hair, her belly grows a little now giving her muffin tops, now with the changes over she gets out to the kitchen and say to the other girls the dinner will be ready at 6.

The girls are terrorized barely recognizing Candace ,asking her what happened to her to which she doesn’t respond and simply looks at them in confusion, Candace approaches the box once again and picks a tacky blouse an a pair of fluffy high heels sandals completing her Milf look, before walking back to the kitchen she winks at her friends and tell them to “Be good”, the other girls instantly realize that there’s something wrong with the clothes and try to take them off to no avail, Sarah trying to take off the shoes, slips and falls on her ass, she starts giggling saying “I’m like, such a dummy” in a squeaky voice, Mabel and Jennifer tell her stop laughing like an idiot, but Sarah can’t stop, simply giggling a giving a big smile then her breast start growing but there’s something wrong with them, their shape is unnaturally round and fake looking, staying up like defying gravity, Sarah happy to see her now full of silicone breast continues talking like an airhead, her waist get really thin while her ass just like her breast start filling with silicone, her lips get huge, if it was hard to understand before, now she can barely make words out her drooling lips, the transformation stops showing Sarah like a figure that could only be taken out from a cartoon, nothing in her is real,she look like a sex doll, she takes a look at herself and then her eyes roll back feeling an incredible pleasure, she starts masturbating like crazy getting horny at her own body moaning like an animal in heat.

Mabel and Jennifer not knowing what to do start panicking mean while Sarah continues to masturbate and Candace still in the kitchen cooking yells “Girls be quiet”, Mabel starts mumbling how magic clothes could not be possible and those changes in her two friends are unreal and completely unscientific to which Jennifer yells “Shut up!!” she quickly apologizes saying that she doesn’t know what happened to her, Mabel scared speaks in a soft voice “that’s okay it was my fault” Jennifer doesn’t know why she’s so angry,but just looking at Mabel’s dumb glasses makes her want to bully her, Jennifer body then gets huge growing muscles all over her body,her long blonde hair shortens and turns black, her face is now full of piercings and black makeup, Mabel legs gave up and she falls to the ground, her hair turns into pig tails,her front teeth grow and braces suddenly appear on them making her talk with a lisp she starts getting thiccer and thiccer growing out of her clothes, Jennifer walks to the box picking some goth clothes for herself, a black tank top leaving her abs be shown, military black boots and some leather pants, she then picks some more clothes and throws them at Mabel (she gets a tiny white shirt that can barely cover her breast from under while having a huge cleavage, a black and red squares mini skirt high knee socks and black shoes ) and Sarah (still with the stripper shoes, gets a micro bikini top that can barely cover her nipples, and some jean shorts that give her a wedgie making her ass look sexy ), Jennifer tells them to put them on because they are going out to score some dick, Sarah is jumps in happines while mabel with a soft voice tries to refute, Jennifer giving Mabel an angry look says “Ha?! what did you just say nerd?” to which Mabel say “n..n..nothing”. Jennifer goes to the kitchen and comes out with candace on her shoulder “Okay we’re ready ,lets go!!! “. finally concludes with a huge orgy in one of the boys fraternities, the guys asking “where did these sluts came from” Candace fucking an scrawny guy “oh my, were you a virgin? I’m so happy that you pick and old lady like me for your first” when she comes breast milk sprays all over the guy,Candace says”Oops,don’t worry honey i’ll clean you up”,Jennifer is getting anal while forcing Mabel to lick her pussy “listen nerd from today on you’re my little sex toy, you don’t do anything unless i say so” finally Sarah surrounded by guys “Like,don’t worry guys, no need to take turns i can take all of you” she then gets instantly undressed and gets fucked by everyone, using her mouth,ass,pussy,hands,feet,to jerk off everybody surrounding her, we get a last look of the girls and then.

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3 Responses

  1. I have to wonder what the dynamics of their relationship with the other changes has become. Is this now a sort of sorority house with Cadence as the den mother, does Cadence think the others are her boarders or daughters? I mean perhaps add some reality shifting where instead of the girls going out to look for men, the box itself provided appropriate male partners to complete their looks. the tale can end with the girls going their separate ways with Cadence being the only one in the end calling the house home. Whether the males played a role in providing the magic clothes or someone else can be explored in the ending as either a tease to a potential recurrence.

    In truth this may work better for a repeat if they pick up the outfits at some sort of bargain store which is a sort of magic spell shop clothing outlet, or perhaps this could even be rolled into that. Perhaps the girls can be searching for Halloween costumes and these or more extreme transformations result, a bit cliché I know but it works.

    I admit I would have preferred Cadence or one of the others who perhaps has a boyfriend going Stepford wife mode from this since your using different era’s, where she stays home to be ravaged by the boyfriend while the others go out. her starting point being a frilly apron or maybe a pearl necklace in the box, and then she goes back for a 1930’s era dress, perhaps even a maternity dress so she’s barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

    Given the college setting I think bimbo cheerleader may have been a better end fate for Sarah.

    A bit more of character descriptions I think would also help this, at the start establishing what the girls originally were like to give a better impression of the extent of the changes. We know Cadence couldn’t cook before, but we don’t know much about the others to state how much of a shift from their original selves this really is to cover how much of a twist to their personalities or lives the changes represent.

    1. Hi Meta here.
      Well you’re right that i should’ve probably explored a little more into the individual characters personalities and traits, but i thought of this: like Candance being the cool girl of the group always going with the flow, she was the most popular girl in school and had hundreds of friends, she’s someone who is easy to talk to and it’s someone who you’d have a great time being with , so turning her into a lame, dorky ,old fashioned and awkward mom seemed the best option, Sarah was the smart one, she’d get the whole group together and help them study, she treasures her friends and that’s why she did the extra mile to help them get into her same college as her, so they could be together for a long time, she then turns into a slutty dumb bimbo who doesn’t care about her friends, boys are always first on her mind and she would ditch her friends at anytime if she sees the opportunity to have sex, Mabel is a tomboy who has a hard time studying she loves sports and hates staying still, she’s super hyperactive and immature, after her transformation she’s a chubby nerd who is too timid to speak her mind, she can’t do sports in her new body so she finds things like board games to have fun ,she gets pushed around easily, doing everything she’s told, finally Jennifer, is your typical long haired hippy with flowers in her head and peace ideologies, before her transformation she had a quiet voice and no one hear her yell a single time, that why when she tell mabel to shut the hell up it come to a great surprise for everybody,I didn’t want to give them specific boyfriends because they all turn into sluts in the end so settling with just someone wouldn’t fit the characters.
      Why a box you say?, well the box was filled with old clothes left behind through the years by different fraternities, clothes that contain memories and feelings of better times, times where they had so much fun and were happy and are eager to relive them again and again even if they have to change their wearer to do it once more,like ghost possessing their host but instead of laments they are full of lust.
      i don’t like the Halloween costume idea because it’s overdone and i don’t want to get too crazy with the transformations, just wanted a Milf,bimbo,goth and a nerd nothing too extreme but things that would change their personalities.
      As for their role in the end, they’re still them, in the college registry it shows their names ang ages: Candace even with a milf body still goes to class, she doesn’t get the lessons but uses that time to think of recopies to cook, Sarah is a cheerleader and ditches most of the classes to have sex, Jennifer assist but to pick new targets to join their new fraternity, the only one that does studying is Mabel and she does it for 4 people now as they push their work to her.

  2. It could also be interesting to see how their experiences with the events of the story affect both their relationship with each other and themselves on a personal level. Maybe some of what happens in the story brings out, and then magnifies, existing personality traits they were unaware of or intentionally kept repressed for reasons tied to their personal backgrounds.

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