Be Careful What You Wish For

Alan Denson was an ordinary 25-year-old guy, or at least he was until he somehow ended up with a pair of sexy genies and found himself living a Fantasy every guy dreams of and a living nightmare. It all started when he found an antique ring in an old box at the bottom of his […]

Bimbowashing Revenge

Damian Metan has had a hard time for most of his life. Despite being an academic prodigy, most of the school faculty, save 1 or 2 instructors, have given him a hard time or outright been verbally and emotionally hostile to him; almost every clique in grade school, middle school, and high school have bullied […]

Mistress MILF

Marion Mills has spent the last 30 years as a housewife, and she’s fine with that; despite the fact she’s a well-educated woman, she chose that life when she first got married and pregnant over 30 years ago. But her peaceful life of bliss is brought to a dramatic end, and causes her to have […]

Horse-Hung Hogan

Hogan, a foreign-exchange student from Galway, is spending his high school senior year in America. Winding up at a horse ranch, Hogan finds himself hopelessly attracted to his host family: a beautiful mother and daughter. Driven mad by lust, in a brief moment of insanity, he steals a large vial of horse semen from their […]

Corrupting Diet

After a short firecracker of an imp discovers a portal to our dimension, she’ll finally open up the restaurant she’s always dreamed of. To help stay in business, she’ll import specialty foods from her world, food never tasted before by humans. The only problem is that these transdimensional foods come with unexpected side effects, transforming […]

Hung Like a Corpse

Coming back to life is never easy, especially when you’ve been resurrected by a group of horny female scientists. Even worse for poor zombified Fred, the scientists think he’s someone else– Hank the Tank, legendary porn star! Someone must’ve made a mistake. This isn’t his body. These aren’t his muscles. And this ginormous cock is definitely not his. […]

Midnight Fun

There are two characters in this story. The first is a guy named Jake, 30, he is 6 foot 3″. 230lb brown hair, green eyes, everything looks normal with him. But there is a surprise in the southern regions. Also, Jake is a to himself kind of guy. He works at an industrial plant as […]

Master PC: Big Bad Stepsister

One Friday morning a high school student by the name of Ben ends up with the Master PC program on his computer. He ends up pulling up a photo of his stepsister Ashley a cute thin blond with almost no boobs or butt. before he can make any changes to her, Ben has to hurry […]


The comic starts off with a instagram model or webcam model or something like that. She is really hot, perfect body tits ass everything. She runs an IG page, youtube channel etc. her whole platform is that she is health and fitness freak. She posts pictures of herself wearing the latest sexiest workout clothes and […]

Growing Young Up

A couple of nerds in high school are tired of getting picked on by jocks and looked over by girls. They decide to use their mothers research for anti-aging to try to get a leg up but they get caught by their little sister who doesn’t want to be 18 anymore. Idea by Coverted

Spells R Us: Drawings

A boy come in a shop and buy a pen that creates ,tranforms and comand everything he draw on the paper and other surfaces, including himself. The boy initially use the pen to create a various objects, accidentaly his step-sister enter in his bedroom and watch the magic, but in the same time the boy […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

Beverly (a young woman in her first semester at college) accidentally pisses off Lamar (a classmate and want-to-be warlock) when she checks out the last copy book that they needed for the same class before he did. Out of spite he tries to curse her into never fitting in however instead becoming a social pariah […]

Spells R Us: The BE Mansion

Erica Griffin is a 27 year old woman who just found out that she inherited a mansion so her and her friends (2 boys, 3 girls) go to check it. On their way there, they see statues and bushes shaped like big breasted women and having sex leading to the mansion. Once there, they are […]

Haunting Haven

At the infamous Haven Manor, local teens are always daring each other to go inside and spend the night. Abandoned for years, it’s rumored to be haunted, intensifying its legend. Which suits Madame Boo just fine. She’s the estate’s spirit resident, eagerly possessing anyone who walks through her creaking front door. Taking control of their […]

Prize Cow Girl

At beautiful Hill Cloud Village, the annual Cow Girl Festival is the biggest event of the year. Every season, farmers from around the area bring in their prize cowgirls to compete and show off their skills. There are the standard events such as racing, strength, and size, but more interestingly is milk output, pole dancing, […]

Midnight Mistress

Every night at 1:00 am, Michael jolts awake, heart racing, covered in sweat. Unable to go back to sleep, he eventually wanders downstairs to watch tv to try and calm his mind. One night he discovers her… the Midnight Mistress. She’s a horror movie host who doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and strangely enough… […]

Transformative Therapy

There’s a brand new therapist on the block. Dr. Darling specializes in couple’s therapy and sexual wellness. With a 100% success rate, her methods are top secret but effective. Hidden to her patients, she’s a succubus in disguise, able to feed off their suppressed desires. Reading their minds, she transforms both herself and them into […]

Healthy Lab Brat

Bethany has been the live-in volunteer test subject for a genetic modifying company for months. Her life is pretty simple. Wake up, exercise, eat food, and offer her body for experimental mutation, only to be reset and repeated, day after day. She doesn’t hate it, and truth be told, it’s kind of fun. She always […]

Go-Go Growth Party

One day at the office, Scott is surprised to receive an email for a girl’s only party. Was it sent to him by some kind of mistake? After making some inquiries, his name is indeed on the invite list, but not for the reason he thinks. It turns out he’s been invited to one of […]

Wild, Wild, Chest

Set in the Old West, Sheriff Cherri is the roughest, toughest, sexiest lawman on this side of the Mississippi. She’s not afraid to pull a trigger or two but prefers to use her “big guns” instead, seducing any unfortunate outlaw who wanders close by in search of trouble. With the peculiar ability to grow and […]