Zereva the alien goes on a journey of escape, sex, and self discovery.


Zereva is imprisoned in a ship cruising in the deepest parts of space.  However all is not lost.  Using her breast hypnotizing powers she is able to convince her captor to unlock her cuffs.  Zereva then further takes advantage of the dazed guard by having sex with him to assimilate information about the ship’s layout.  From this, Zereva figures out where the escape pod bay is.  On they way there Zereva uses her breasts to detect patrols.  Zereva ambushes and defeats them with her super strength. Making haste, she then ruses to the bay before their bodies can be found.  Once at the bay, all seems well until the alarm goes and the controls to the escape pod close up.

Official Publisher's Review

Zereva is a new original character for the breast expansion club.  The heroine is inspired by the hero aliens that come to Earth and use their otherworldly powers to save the day.  With Zereva, her powers involve her huge breasts and sex.  Her breasts can be used to hypnotize, sense, and even attack!  Readers are sure to enjoy the thrilling tale of Zereva.

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