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Chubby Hubby Ice Cream COMIC


Julia couldn’t be in a worse place: her sexy lingerie goes unappreciated, her flowers stomped and disregarded. All she can think about is how terrible her boyfriend is for dumping her on Valentine’s Day. Luckily her best friend Campbell is ready to sweep her off her feet with chick flicks, ice cream, and a secret. Campbell has had the biggest crush on Julia says they were in high school. Good thing too, as the ice cream she picked out is going to make them both a lot bigger!


Part of the Valentine’s Day special comics, this one focusing almost solely on breast expansion. There’s a lot of flirty fun in it, yet it does a great job of getting straight to the point. The characters are vivid, but so is the steamy sex and breast expansion.  The breasts get to the room-filling dimensions and there is a minimal amount of weight gain and lactation towards the end, all of which helps to accentuate the exploration the two girls take into hedonism.

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