King of the Boob Tube

The balance of power in the King household is about to shift all thanks to a remote control.


Casey King has always known his dad was involved in some pretty secret and high-tech work. He always has heard his dad up late working in the office off from the kitchen. He never paid too much attention to that work, enjoying spending his days in front of the TV playing video games.

On one quiet weekend, the role of the King household will change as a mysterious package arrives and Casey’s father Lawrence shows him something that will affect life as they know it. It might simply appear to be a remote control, but this control does more than just turn on the boob tube. It brings an entirely new meaning to the boob tube.

Casey’s always been of mixed emotions about his step-sister being the hottest cheerleader in school. That is about to change as well, as he quickly uncovers something far more entertaining than video games.

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