Margarita Mixxxers

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! What better way to party than with a naughty señorita with growing boobs?


Margarita loves to celebrate, and what better day of the year to party than Cinco de Mayo?! Using her extraordinary breasts to fuck all of her best friend’s husbands, she grows bigger and bigger when they all orgasm deep inside her nipples, filling her boobs with warm and loving juices. She’s drunk on lust, and determined to grow as large as possible, fucking everyone in sight– but how far is too far? Is it possible for her boobs to grow “too big?” Find out in this holiday-themed Cinco de Mayo issue, and celebrate along with us in the biggest way possible!

Official Publisher's Review

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! On behalf of everyone here at BotComics, we’re wishing you a safe and happy holiday! And what better way to enjoy the holiday than with a little fiesta and naughty temptation? Say hello to Margarita– If her good humor and kind heart won’t win you over, then her extraordinary breasts will! She loves it when her nipples are penetrated, and loves it, even more, when her breasts are pumped full of cum. She’s the señorita of your dreams, ready to tease you and show off her amazing skills. So put on your sombrero, have some drinks, and do a little dancing. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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