Nine Crazy Days

Purchasing a mattress called the Nine Dreamer, Ashly has nine nights to dream and nine days to live them out.


Purchasing the new mattress, Ashly knew something was up with her boyfriend. He simply seemed distracted, bothered by something, and he wasn’t being anywhere near his usual self. Being dumped for someone else he’d met was the furthest thought from her mind and that has Ashly obsessing over what might be wrong with her. Why isn’t she good enough, or is she? Is it just him?

The Nine Dreamer mattress seems to be her hope for sleep, rest away from the stress this week has already caused. School is not yet started back and she has all week and the next to rest and recover, to decide what she wants to do or be now that her life has taken a spin.

The salesman told her the Nine Dreamer was made with special fibers believed by the makers in South America to bring on the Dream Weavers, sprites which change a person during their dreams into who they were meant to be. She never could have expected it to be so literal, as she wakes each morning and quickly finds herself experiencing nine very crazy days.

Will Ashly end up as one of her many different fantasy girls or will she stay as she is? Reality keeps changing and her own proportions and measurements can’t even remain stable as the nine days pass. One thing is for sure. Ashly is getting plenty of rest at night, and for what she’s doing during the days, she’ll need it.

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