Clyde’s Costumes

Clyde opens a costume shop in a cursed warehouse, and shoppers find the costumes changing more than just their appearance.


Costumes have always had a magic all their own, the ability to feed the imagination and make one feel like someone or something else. Those feelings may be much more real when a friendly retired man named Clyde decides to fulfill his childhood dream of running a costume shop but chooses a most mysterious old warehouse as the place to run his business.

Clyde never takes the rumors of the warehouse seriously, how it used to be a place where unusual cosmetic enhancements took place, how it later became a club where the dancers supposedly became immoral and unusually enhanced, and how everyone is eventually trapped in the perversions it holds inside it. Maybe he should have as opening day for his massive costume shop takes a very unexpected turn when the visitors try on their costumes.

From character to beast, everyone finds the costumes doing much more than just covering their features up. One size definitely fits all as girls grow larger and guys grow more and more aroused. Halloween is a spooky time of year, but the events of opening day at Clyde’s Costumes may be well beyond simply spooky.

Official Publisher's Review

Setting the stage for his latest story with a mysterious old warehouse, whose history hides more than it reveals, Kris P. Kreme introduces us to Clyde, a friendly man who always dreamed of running a costume shop like no other. Naturally, his dream comes true but with a most twisted perversion to that dream.

The costume shop is massive, covering three floors and featuring every costume and old movie wardrobe imaginable. It is a place like no other, but why it’s like no other may remain a mystery that lies in the curse rumored to exist here.

An assortment of normal everyday characters visit the shop, from high school kids seeking costumes for a school party to a college couple knowing just what they are looking for. These normal everyday characters will find things changing fast as the costumes they choose become their new forms, and those forms take some decidedly twisted turns. No need to worry, as the reader will follow along and see just how much the shoppers grow, quite literally, to love the costumes they’ve tried on.

Clyde’s Costumes may have just opened but it appears to be a big hit with the customers and the customers get to experience just how big.

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