Off the Map

Elly has enjoyed pushing her boyfriend's buttons. Off the map and having car trouble, she discovers pushing her own buttons.


Off the Map is a mystery from start to finish, however a mystery from Kris P. Kreme is going to take the traditional twists and turn them on their head. Expect the unexpected is perhaps the motto to read this tale by. An ordinary college couple, enjoying a cross country drive, exploring Americana and finding the ordinary to spin off into an extrordinary and very unexpected place is how it all begins. The main characters are Ken and Elly, two relatable and average people, each enjoying their own personality and positives and negatives. They are flawed as are most couples, yet we see them relating and supporting each other through it all. However the flaws might be a thing of the past when something strange begins to happen soon after experiencing car trouble. Characters surrounding them in this tale are anything but ordinary but somewhat relatable in their own ways. There are mysteries uncovered throughout until the final reveal and a very surprise sequence where Elly quite literally pushes her own buttons and becomes everything she suddenly believes she was meant to be. The growth and transformation is more subtle, more mysterious, and yet it becomes that much more intense due to how grounded in the average reality the story is. From fear to suspense to the seductive erotica of the unknown, Off the Map marks some new territory.

Official Publisher's Review

Elly and Ken are boyfriend and girlfriend and generally have known they were right for each other since meeting on the playground as kids. She has always enjoyed pushing Ken’s buttons and he has always responded perfectly by pushing hers. They are a well-matched couple until an off the map drive cross country with friends leads them to a most unexpected discovery.

Ken has never thought that Elly was a bit flat chested, especially considering she’s more than willing to play the fantasy slut she knows he would enjoy. He never thought much of it until the strange pitstop that leads he and her to discover a mysterious drive-in where something strange is happening. The town is in the middle of nowhere and the residents they find working at this place after their jeep hits a bad pothole are strangely perfect in appearance yet mysterious in their silence and attire.

Before the day is over and long before the two of them are back on the road, Ken and Elly both will uncover just what is going on around here and they will take button pushing to a much more literal level as Elly goes from smart girl willing to play to stunning curvy slut not playing but living. All of this because they decided to take a simple trip off the map.

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