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Cruise Controlled: Flipped Over COMIC


Taking place on the same cruise as the previous series (Cruise Controlled), a couple of best friends board in to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. But little do they know what it’s about to happen when the ship sails. Alex is a very shy guy who has trouble communicating with women, especially when they’re hot as hell. Luckily for him, his best friend Sabrina, knows everything about girls and she will do everything she can to get his lame ass friend laid. But at what cost?


Shoshanna P. has delicately put together this promising “Cruise Controlled” spin-off/sequel, which contains both all the expansion its predecessor had and new transformations as well. Packed with tons of breast expansion, busty mifls, mind-control, bimbos, hair growth and plenty of sex, this new series will sure leave you hungry for more!

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