Spells R Us: A whole universe of magic and transformations

The Universe of Spells R Us

The History of Spells R Us

Spells R Us emerged as a collaborative Web Original universe conceived by Bill Hart during the 1990s. With a steadily growing fanbase, the series has inspired numerous authored stories, expanding the narrative beyond its creator, Bill Hart.

Central to the series is the enigmatic establishment called Spells R Us, famously known as The Little Shop That Wasn’t There Yesterday, managed by a mysterious Robe and Hat Wizard referred to simply as “The Old Man“. Each story typically commences with the Old Man peddling a magical product to initially skeptical customers. As the narrative unfolds, the wielder of the item—either intentionally or unintentionally—undergoes a transformation. The metamorphosis commonly involves a Gender Bender, although the tales also explore Animorphism, age progression, age regression, and other forms of transmutations. Most narratives delve into the aftermath of using the enchanted object, often culminating with the transformed individual enduring their new state for the rest of their life.

The series inaugurates with “A Strangeness at The Frat House“, chronicling the escapades of two college students, Chris and Terry. Faced with the imminent threat of expulsion from their fraternity for failing to procure party guests, the duo resorts to Spells R Us. However, the Old Man fails to disclose that the spell procured will, for a night, render them and their fellow frat house occupants as females both physically and mentally. After a spellcasting mishap, the consequence unfolds: anyone within the house past 7 a.m. will experience a gender switch. While “Crissy” and “Terri” retain their male consciousness, the remaining inhabitants exhibit female traits, behavior, and appearance until the spell’s reversal at 2 a.m.

Penned by Bill Hart, this tale sets the stage for numerous subsequent narratives within the Spells R Us universe. Enthusiastic fans have contributed their own stories that feature the shop and its enigmatic proprietor, often diverging from Terry and Chris’s storyline to explore the experiences of other patrons of the Old Man. These fan-created offshoots have generated various sub-universes, the most prominent being Bikini Beach, centered around a gender-altering water park operated by an elderly gypsy witch known as “Grandmother,” a close confidant of The Wizard.

Stories from this universe abound across the web, predominantly available on platforms such as Bimbo Story Club or Botcomics. 

Mysterious Man Spells R Us: Dream Girl

Spells R Us on Botcomics

Qualities and Themes Explored Across the Franchise

  • Enigmatic Charisma with a Dark Edge: The Old Man, and the Succubus both recurring characters, presents an affably polite and seemingly friendly demeanor, but their true amusement lies in manipulating and playing tricks on customers.

  • Stereotypical Desires: Common portrayals include the allure of sorority women and high school cheerleaders as objects of desire for male characters in various story settings.

  • Perception of Masculinity: A recurring theme highlights the portrayal of men as inherently inclined towards perverted behavior, including the Old Man himself, primarily in the series’ earlier stories.

  • Evolving Attitudes: In the early Bikini Beach stories, Grandmother initially views almost all men as lecherous, creating a gender-transforming park to provide a safe haven for women. Over time, her perspective softens due to influences from characters like Anya, meeting genuinely decent men, and altering her park’s policies.

  • Moral Messages: An overarching lesson conveyed is the repercussions of seeking quick fixes for problems, often leading to unforeseen consequences. Emphasis is placed on reading and adhering to instructions, echoing the moral underpinning of many narratives.

  • Terrifying Outcomes: Questionable characters engaging with the Old Man face dire fates, some enduring fates worse than death, transformed into sentient objects, representing the bleak consequences of moral missteps. It’s not easy to “deal” with this kind of “deal”.

  • Notable Apprenticeships: Attempts to introduce an apprentice to the Old Man repeatedly fail until “Possibilities” introduces Danni, marking a successful addition to the lore. Anya assumes the role of Grandmother’s protege and granddaughter, earning the moniker “Grandmother.”

  • Physical Transformations: Characters undergoing gender changes often result in hyper-attractive appearances, resembling supermodels or adult film stars, although this standard varies in different story arcs, occasionally subverting these tropes.

  • The Irony of Wishes: The franchise delves into the irony of getting exactly what is wished for, yet the results are seldom what individuals anticipate or desire, showcasing the inherent caution in desires and wishes.

  • Red Flags and Provocations: Characters must not attempt theft from the Old Man or sneak into Grandmother’s park without payment, invoking extreme consequences. However, softer approaches emerge over time, fostering a more forgiving environment.

  • Tragic Consequences and Unforeseen Outcomes: Dark magic’s misuse leads to catastrophic events, such as the merging of Arnold and Angie, resulting in severe mental deterioration and an intensified malevolent persona.

  • Disturbing Transformations: Instances of body horror arise from the transformations facilitated by the Wizard‘s products, exemplified in cases like “Bikini Beach and the Bomb Plot,” where disguises become elements of horror and unpleasant consequences.

  • The description encapsulates the overarching themes, character traits, and plot dynamics within the franchise, emphasizing recurring motifs and evolving character perspectives.

  • Many Paths: Any decision can lead to a new story. The possibility of creating your own narrative by simply meeting the Old Man or the mysterious Succubus.-
Mary Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula

Spells R Us: Through The Years

Spells R Us Comics: Transformation Comics with a sparkle of magic

Dive into the enchanting world of transformation and magical tales with the Spells R Us comic series, exclusively featured on Botcomics.com. This collection immerses readers in a realm where desires and consequences collide through mystical interventions. Explore a myriad of transformative adventures, each unique in its narrative, yet interconnected within the mesmerizing universe of Spells R Us, available for discovery and delight on Botcomics.com.

Countess Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji

When Elizabeth wants to get the attention of the school’s #1 hunk and quarterback, she enlists the help of a conniving old wizard. Soon Elizabeth learns that age-old lesson… be careful what you wish for.

The first, big Spells R Us series that sky-rocketed this wonderful comic universe to the stars. Follow the story of Elizabeth (+18), a fat, unpopular girl that desperately wants the attention of the #1 quarterback on her school. Elizabeth ends up acquiring a magical potion from the iconic Spells R Us shop, which promises to give her everything she ever dreams of. Now, she’ll get not only the quarterback’s attention but everyone around her when her whole reality wraps into a new world of lust and expansion.

Dina and Mary are your typical art-school nerds. While they are lamenting their love troubles in their local mall. Dina wants to attract the attention of the actor, Jimmy, while Mary wants the attention of the basketball star, Luke. Suddenly, they stumble upon the store “Spells R Us!” Inside, the seemingly all knowing Warlock provides the ladies with a potion called The Sexy Formula. He promises them that within a few hours, their bodies will transform to the sexy beings they always wanted to be. HOWEVER, if they are called sexy, something very, very drastic happens to them. Dina decides she will be the first to drink the potion. Overnight, her body completely changes! She immediately informs Mary who downs some of the potion just before school. Right in the middle of art class, Mary’s body completely changes as well! And it seems that no one really notices! The two girls both decide that they can’t wait to get laid!

Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula is the first part of another addition to the legendary series. SupremeD sets this part up perfectly as the two loser girls become totally smoking hot bimbos by the end! The setup is also a different way the series triggers growth, since it’s the girls who drink the potion instead of their lovers. We get not just one, but two bimboficiations in one comic! That’s my money’s worth right there! I especially LOVE Mary’s transformation since it takes place in the middle of class! There’s so much growing that takes place in this issue, I don’t even know how there will be more growth in the sequels! The plot moves quickly enough that we get to both growth sequences with no pause in between. And it’s especially risky that everyone wants to call the new hotties sexy! I can’t wait to see what the sequel brings in store!

Gloria is a popular pinup model with a retro style. She keeps herself trim and fit, but still loses out on a job to a rival model. Furious, she and her best friend Vivian head to the mall for some retail therapy. The girls discover the enigmatic Spells R Us shop, and look inside. Though the shop is full of mysteries, the shadowy shopkeeper has the perfect gift for a model who is dating a photographer. Gloria and her boyfriend take the magic camera for a spin, without knowing the consequence of every photo taken!

xCuervos brings us another entry in his rebooted Spells R Us series. This one stars Gloria, a rockabilly pin-up model with a need to get ahead in the world. The upbeat tone and lighthearted characters of the new SRU series continue to be oblivious to the secret, probably sinister plans of the mysterious Shopkeeper. No new light is shed on her origins or intentions, but she does take us on another fun adventure, expanding the cast of characters in and around the familiar mall.

Double Scoops, an ice cream shop with a retro theme, isn’t a bad place to work for Cherie. The only real downside is that the walls are often adorned with scantily clad girls, despite her efforts to convince her old-fashioned boss that he shouldn’t objectify women. When the shop runs out of everyone’s favorite topping, Cherie rushes out to replenish the supply of cherries. Forced to turn to a mysterious shopkeeper, will Cherie unwittingly unleash an epidemic of aphrodisiacs on an unsuspecting mall?

Time to head back to the mall! In this latest installment of xCuervos’ take on the Spells R Us experience, we head to an ice cream parlor where we meet Cherie, the next unsuspecting character to experience the magic of expansion. As always, the story is well-crafted, and the characters are endearing and engaging. It doesn’t take long for Cherie to change her perceptions of sexism once she samples the ever-diversifying wares of Spells R Us. A fun twist is added at the end that is a bit of a departure from previous xCuervos expansion experiences, but certainly a pleasant surprise and leaves the reader wanting more. SRU: Cherie on Top is an enjoyable and lighthearted expansion romp. Cameos of past characters provide a delightful continuity and a desire to revisit past stories to enjoy those characters all over again. xCuervos does an excellent job of building on this fun expansion mall universe, creating a desire to know more about what other stories this special mall has to offer.

The Countess Visseria has been ignored by her husband for the last time. She makes a deal with a mysterious old man from the village below their castle that is guaranteed to capture the attention of her eternal lover, the Count. Her plans to summon a benevolent genie go awry, and her whole world changes in a flash of purple flame. Who is this sultry woman that the Countess has summoned into her home, and how will it go wrong?

Spells R Us: Vindem Vrăji is filled with all the things you would expect from xCuervos, but it also has plenty of twists! What appears to be a typical vampire story set in the 1600s is turned on its head shortly after our heroine visits Vindem Vrăji, a store run by a familiar face. “Vindem Vrăji,” by the way, is Romanian for “we sell spells.” This story is a departure from xCuervos’ more lighthearted Spells R Us stories, revisiting the darker “wish gone wrong” roots of the theme. We still don’t know her name (and neither does the Countess!), but the nature of the mysterious Shopkeeper, her powers, and her intentions are made clear in this libido-driven origin story.

Spells R Us: Digital Domains 🎮

A new power couple from Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile returns, in an all-new, action packed adventure! Alice’s love for classic video games leads her and Sheron into Spells R Us, where they find themselves digitized into a magical arcade cabinet. Alice’s instincts tell her that she needs to rush to save her princess, but is Sheron in any real danger? New worlds, power-ups, and pedicures await them in Spells R Us: Digital Domains!

Hey, remember the 90s? xCuervos does, and he’s taking his characters on a trip through the best of classic video games! Alice and Sheron are as charming as ever, and Alice gets some real time to shine as the heroine of a platform shooter. Evil robots with unique designs inhabit this video game world, and Sheron seems to be enjoying her time as a damsel in “distress.” The story wouldn’t be complete without some expansion, courtesy of the power ups Alice finds along the way. I can’t wait to see Level 2!

Spells R Us: Stolen Reflections 🪞

The cops are hot on the trail of Harris and Mike, who has just botched a small heist. Their stolen car took them as far as the mall, but now they have nowhere to hide! With the police searching every inch of the building, the thieves find themselves using a set of magic mirrors found inside a familiar shop. Will their disguises fool the lawmen? How are they going to explain themselves to the local crimelord? And most importantly, is there any going back?

Stolen Reflections introduces us to the next two unsuspecting characters who find themselves in xCuervos’ Spells R Us Universe. Harris and Mike are up to no good and their crime spree is going to take a turn they never expected. Stolen Reflections delivers everything we have come to expect from xCuervos’ Spells R Us Mall, but delivered in a fun and surprising way.

Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile 📱

Victoria’s Atomic Mobile franchise shop is a failing business. She is desperate to save her store and bring in new customers. Lucky for her, a Spells R Us has opened in the same mall! The mysterious shopkeeper offers her a phone app that promises to “boost her business.” After learning how to use the app, Victoria knows just how she can use this exciting technology to her advantage and draw a crowd!

The first in a new series of interconnected stories set in the Spells R Us universe, the magical antique store returns with a mysterious new shopkeeper. Victoria, the owner of a mall-franchise Atomic Mobile shop, resorts to using the Spells R Us Mobile app to alter her appearance in a desperate attempt to attract customer attention. Much like the reader, Victoria finds herself wanting more, and the SRU Mobile app promises to deliver when higher tiers of growth are unlocked. xCuervos sets the stage for this and future stories with colorful characters and a hint of mystery.

Spells R Us: All Dressed Up 👗

Cindy and Keiko are college roommates and friends, yet they are at opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways. Cindy is a highly intelligent girl who still likes to take the plunge into adventure and excitement. It’s this spirit of adventure that lands the two girls in Spells R Us, a mysterious and creepy old store in the mall. Cindy is the one who seems enthused by the prospect of what the self-proclaimed wizard there pitches them. The potion promises that when used in the punch bowls at an annual costume blow out, no one will have any doubts over how Cindy and Keiko are dressed. Naturally the girls assume they can win the costume contest portion and be invited to all the elite parties on campus. Little do they know that the potion works not on everyone else’s perspective of them but on themselves. As the party goes on and the punch is consumed, Cindy and Keiko find themselves becoming what they are dressed as and thanks to Cindy’s quirky costume choices, neither of them will ever be looked at the same again.

Coming up with new characters that continue the tradition of Spells R Us, Kris P. Kreme tells a fitting tale of confusion among two college girls who only are wanting to have some fun and be the best costumed at a big blow out they are attending. The locations are new, and even the store is in a new mall, but the twisted way of having the potion work are very much the same as before.

Neither Cindy, the smart brunette who becomes very much the opposite, nor Keiko, her shy Asian friend ever expect what happens during the party and by the time it is all over, they will never forget nor be able to change back from what they have become. In a way they definitely get what they wanted as they are the hits of the party. While Cindy has her mind blown in a way, Keiko really seems to be the blow out costume, and in true Kris P. Kreme style, they each end up appropriately dressed.

Spells R Us Stories: When a desire has unexpected outcomes

Spells R Us has also room for novels. Stories like “Be Careful What You Wish For” In the Spells R’ Us tales, those who make wishes often find themselves granted their desires, only to face outcomes vastly different from their expectations or desires.”

Two friends go on a camping trip. Both make wishes where a river spirit overhears them. However, one’s friend wish to become popular is misunderstood, changing him into something else entirely. The other’s wish, to have the ability to make a woman’s breasts swell, but only if they truly believe they are his girlfriend, leads to not one, but two new girlfriends.

This was one of Fahzbehn‘s first Transgender/Breast Expansion combination stories and underwent a major revision before re-release here. While not directly linked to the “Spells ‘R Us” universe, the theme follows the second story, which does. In this story, Patrick and Joseph, two friends from college, go on a camping trip and find their wishes being granted, though not as they would expect.

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